Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ridiculous Screenshot of the Day - Albino Chinese Devil Dracula?

I watch a lot of weird crap. I'd say my weird crap to legit good movie ratio is about 10 to 1. While watching said weird crap, I will often encounter a scene or shot so profoundly bizarre or ridiculous that I have to stop the movie and grab a screenshot. Hopefully, someone out there finds them as amusing as I do.

I think this is from the John Woo film To Hell With The Devil. I took this shot a while ago and forgot what I saw it in. I see Stanley Fung in the background, but I've recently gotten into 80s Hong Kong horror so I've seen that dude in literally 20 movies in the past 18 months so this might be from something else. Here's a trailer (thanks to the uploader).

As you can see, this movie is really goddamn weird, even for HK horror. I didn't see the androgynous vampire Satan in there, but Stanley has really big fangs and a cape at one point, so this must be it. After rewatching this trailer, I probably could've taken a screenshot of any single second of this movie and used it for this post.

 Fun fact, this movie currently holds the world record for "most exploding Stanley Fungs".


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