Friday, March 23, 2018

Dreddy's Dead - The Final Rip-Off - Cracked Mad Monster Party #33

This is Cracked's Monster Party magazine's take on the 6th and final (at the time, at least) Nightmare on Elm Street Film Freddy's Dead. This issue came out in the Fall of 1996 and this story features art by Frank Borth and was written by Steve Strangio, which I assume is an alias.

The highlight of this story for me is seeing a comic version of the great Yaphet Kotto. Also look out for completely random appearances from Edward Scissorhands, Robocop, Jason, a couple of Ninja Turtles and what I believe is the vampire boy from Cracked's Monsters Attack story A Boy's Life.


Mr Cole said...

Great! But Yaphet Kotto isn't dead...

phelpster said...

Good call, not sure why I thought he was dead. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Mr Cole said...

No worries. Got to celebrate him while he's still with us!

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