Thursday, March 15, 2018

Vinegar Syndrome Releasing Jim Mallon's Blood Hook this April

After a few months that were light on the Horror, Vinegar Syndrome's finally got a couple titles that are more my speed lined up for April. First up, Blood Hook from Jim Mallon, who many of you probably know best as the producer and the voice of Gypsy on Mystery Science Theater. You also might know him as "the reason Joel Hodgson left the show". Fun fact, the Key Grip on Blood Hook was a guy we like to call Kevin Murphy.

BLOOD HOOK (Limited Edition Slipcover Blu-ray/DVD)

Jim Mallon's darkly humorous blend of slasher setup, pseudo-giallo, and small midwestern town fishing traditions, BLOOD HOOK, arrives on Blu-ray, newly restored from its original negative and presented in its much longer and never before released in this country, original director's cut (which includes, among other things, nearly 30 seconds of additional gore), alongside fresh interviews with its cast and crew and a limited edition embossed slipcover!

Pre-order is up now!

TERROR (Limited Edition Slipcover Blu-ray/DVD) 

Then, continuing to forage through the world of filmmaker Norman J. Warren, we present his 1978 splatter/slasher/send up to horror cinema, TERROR, offered in its full strength director's cut, and newly restored from its camera negative, making it all the easier to enjoy its dizzying array of low-fi gore effects. Plus, the package comes complete with a slew of all new interviews plus some freshly discovered deleted and extended plot scenes!

Edited to add that there is a reverse of this slipcover that features the alternate artwork I had originally thought was missing.

Pre-order is up now!

BLUE VENGEANCE (Limited Edition Slipcover Blu-ray/DVD) 

Thirdly, we have a real oddity from the waning days of NYC-made exploitation sleaze, J. Chris Ingvordsen's almost unclassifiable BLUE VENGEANCE. Lurching between slasher tropes, action set-pieces, and almost-supernatural curveballs, and filled with great glimpses of NYC during its last gasps of true grit, this is the most earnest piece of genre-blending Big Apple weirdness that we've released since MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS!

Pre-order is up now!

I'm not familiar with Blue Vengeance, but Blood Hook and Terror will definitely find their way on my shelves. I'll add Amazon links when they are listed for anyone who wants, but if you want the slipcovers be sure to use the links above because they are exclusive to the VS store.

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