Friday, March 23, 2018

4-Day Spring Sale from Vinegar Syndrome Starts Now

Vinegar Syndrome has a 4-day spring sale going now through Monday. There's a limited selection, this isn't a site-wide sale like they usually do in May, but there are still plenty of great titles to pick up for cheap like The Corpse Grinders, Witchtrap, Count Dracula's Great Love, Night Train to Terror, and plenty more. From the email for those of you not subscribed:

Even though it doesn't feel like spring throughout most of the country (it certainly doesn't where we are), the calendar tells us that the air will soon be getting warmer and the trees greener. So why not celebrate the last few weeks of winter misery (or bliss, if you live in California), with more VS to add to your Blu-ray collection?

So, to celebrate the changing of the seasons, we've selected a pretty random grouping of 50 Blus and DVDs to mark down to 50% off (a few even more), now through Monday! Are you on the fence about getting Andy Milligan's jaw dropping almost-giallo SEEDS, restored to its never released director's cut? Well, now you can get all the fun (?) for half the price?

How bout Ted Mikel's drive-in classic THE CORPSE GRINDERS (with our limited edition slipcase)? Order today and become inspired to build your own corpse grinding machine tomorrow. There are plenty of hungry cats out there... And while on the subject of corpses, seize the chance to get a copy of Rick Roessler's delightful regional slasher, SLAUGHTERHOUSE at a great discount.

Maybe skin flicks are more your thing? If so, consider Joe Sarno's delightful hardcore homage to Woody Allen, A TOUCH OF GENIE. It's got loads of yiddish humor AND Tina Russell! Plus, ours is the only uncut version on the market. 

For those in more of an 80’s mood, there's Ron Sullivan's MATINEE IDOL, which combines the talents of Kay Parker, Jesie St. James, Coleen Brennan and Dave Friedman all into one incredible 90 min film going experience. And who can forget the period piece delights of Steve Scott's TRASHY LADY, which situates Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, and Harry Reems in a gorgeously photographed prohibition era set sex caper?

For those living without the benefits of a Blu-ray player (although all of our Blus come with matching DVDs), we've loaded in some great DVD only titles, including drive-in doubles of: LITTLE MISS INNOCENCE/TEENAGE SEDUCTRESS and a perpetual favorite, FROZEN SCREAM/EXECUTONER PT. 2. There's also mindfuck curiosities like JUNGLE BLUE and GAME SHOW MODELS, for true connoisseurs of mutant cinema.

What's more is that ALL FOUR of our Etiquette Pictures titles are on sale. These art house rarities represent some of the finest films in our catalog and deserve as many loving homes as possible.

Now, a couple notes: the sale goes through Monday, so orders will begin shipping first thing Tuesday. As always, we're gonna work overtime to make sure that each order is packed and shipped ASAP, but please give us a few extra days to get everything out. We promise you won't be forgotten. 

And lastly, feel free to make multiple orders over the course of the sale and COMBINE THEM using the 'Add to my existing Spring Sale order' free shipping option at checkout.

Direct link to the sale items:

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