Thursday, April 26, 2007

Identify this clip - Win nothing!

Okay, I had someone post this track over on my requests thread. They weren't sure what it's from, and sadly I had no idea either. However, I've encountered many knowledgeable people since this site started up, so hopefully one of you can help to identify this music.

While searching around for a picture of a man in a question mark suit to symbolize the questioning nature of this post I stumbled upon a truly frightening image. An image that sent shivers down my spine. I give you The Riddler - Serial Murderer:



Donovans Brain said...

The Riddler: Serial Murderer or Serial Proctologist?

Sorry no idea what that music is from but it sounds cool.

phelpster said...

Or maybe a combination of the two. A proctologist who kills those who he feels have unfit colons. Like Dr. Giggles, with asses. Man, I bet the tagline would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

No idea on the song, but it sounds great!


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