Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tangerine Dream - Flashpoint

Tangerine Dream's music from the 1984 film Flashpoint, starring Treat Williams, Kris Kristofferson, and Kurtwood Smith. I've never seen the movie before, (or really heard much about it for that matter) but I'm willing to bet that Kurtwood plays a complete hard ass. I'm also willing to be that Miguel Ferrer's character is a bit of a cocky bastard.

I can't say I'm a fan of the CD cover. Looks like some kind of low budget Desert-themed white guy rap album that would be called something like "If U Can't Take Da Heat...", or some other intentionally misspelled nonsense. Normally if the cover is this bad I'll use the movie's poster or a DVD cover instead. Sadly, the poster isn't very good either, and the DVD cover seems to be trying to sucker people into buying it based on the fact that Treat Williams can kinda look like Mel Gibson if you see him from the right angle. So, CD cover it is. Anyway, the music underneath the crappy cover art isn't TD's best work, but it still makes for a good listen. I think it'd be really good "driving while in a bit of a hurry because you're a little late for work" music. It has a good "mildly urgent chase" feel to it. I don't know, as you can see, it's kinda hard to explain. Check it out though.

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Anonymous said...

you nailed it. It's not their best, but perfect driving music ( In fact, look for DRIVING MUSIC Vol 1, 2, 3- by Klaus Schultz ex TD member, GREAT ALBUMS) for similar tracks.


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