Sunday, March 25, 2007

Introducing Nightchillers Rare Music

Just wanted to ask everyone to head on over to the newly founded Nightchillers Rare Music that was just started up by my good friend Jason*. He just started a couple days ago, but he's off to a promising start with The Omega Man and a great track from the film Modern Problems. Get over there and say hello. He's a hell of a guy, plus anyone who tells William Smith to fuck off is okay in my book. Really Will, up yours already.

*Jason is not, nor has he ever been Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame. I don't happen to have a picture of this particular Jason, so another Jason had to be used in his place. Sorry for any confusion. Well, go on, click on the link...

1 comment:

jason said...

Hey Chirs my brother. Thank you very much for this introduction! I really appreciate it.
By the way, I downloaded your Exhorder "Slaughter In The Vatican" link. One of my classmate buddies my Senior year in highschool used to listen to that album along with: Forbidden's "Chopping Block Blues" and of course many others. I have some rare and amazing metal treats of all genres in store for you. I'll have another score post up tonight. Hope all is well with your day.



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