Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

This is the soundtrack Renny Harland's 1990 film The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The film marked the first leading role for the Diceman and was also the recipient of several of the highly coveted Razzie awards that year. Andrew Dice Clay is Ford Fairlane, the world's greatest, and presumably only "Rock 'n' Roll Detective". That's right, he shares his name with the car he drives. Whether he was born into this name and thought it'd be ironic to drive a Fairlane, or he was given a nickname based on his car choice is never really explained. Or maybe it was, hell I don't know, the man has a lot of dialogue, I could've missed it.

Sure, it's not that good, but it is pretty damn funny at times. Also, kinda irritating at times, but either way, you've gotta love any movie that features appearances by Ed O'Neill as Lt. Anus, Robert Englund, Gilbert Gottfried, Vince Neil (no relation to Ed O'), and Wayne Newton, at least a little bit. In a rare occurrence for this site, this post is actually timely, Andrew has a new "reality" show on VH1 that premiered earlier today. Theres a repeat later tonight I think, for the few interested people out there.

The soundtrack features Queensryche, Billy Idol and Motley Crue among others. Also featuring Tone Loc. I'm sure he's a cool guy and all but his voice is pretty rough, the man could really use a lozenge. Sadly I don't think there is an actual version of Ed's "Booty Time" song, at least not that I could find. I'm sure nothing more than that little chorus part featured in the film was even written. It's a shame really.

1. Cradle of love (04:41)
Billy Idol
2. Sea cruise (03:01)
3. Funky attitude (04:34)
Sheila E.
4. Glad to be alive (04:57)
Teddy Pendergrass and Lisa Fisher
5. Can't get enough (04:08)
Tone Loc
6. Rock 'n roll junkie (04:01)
Mötley crüe
7. I aint got you (01:57)
Andrew Dice Clay
8. Last time in Paris (03:52)
9. Unbelievable (theme of "Ford Fairlane") (03:35)
10. the Wind cries Mary (05:59)
Richie Sambora

Is this Chevy Nova? Is this the car I wanna speak to?


Blofeld's Cat said...

i remember when i first saw this movie (when i was a teenager); I thoguht it was hilarious.

i recently bought the dvd from walmart (its was only $5.99) and watched it again and, even in my old age, I still think it is hilarious.

thanks for the share!

Anonymous said...

I actually like this soundtrack, so I bought it back in the nineties. Thanks for recognizing this album!

Anonymous said...

Link is dead...Repost again..thanks


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