Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tankard - Zombie Attack

This is Tankard's debut album Zombie Attack, which tackles subjects such as joyful alcoholism, pesky zombies ruining movie night, being metal, and the frightening possibility of a Third World War. Yeah, weird, they get all serious on us on that last one there. That aside, this is a truly fun album if you like your metal a bit on the thrashy side.
I really love the album cover, you got Disco Dracula, Fatguy Wolfman, Leisure Suit Party Animal Frankenstein, uh, Pull My Finger Skeleton (?) and some random Lumberjack Axe Murderer Guy just hanging out, watching the tube and scaring the hell out of some woman. If this cover doesn't scream "fun times", then I don't know what does.


colinr said...

Can't...escape the hyp...notic power of...the.....nipples!

But it is a fair cover for a group named Tankard - it shows people holding tankards (as well as jugs of other kinds!)

You certainly opened my eyes to music I would previously never have heard - this along with introducing me to Mystery Science Theater and continuing with the soundtracks is what makes your blog so interesting.

I was wondering - do you have any electronic music, especially by Boards of Canada? Covered's Place put up one of their albums a while ago and I've become fascinated by their music!

I know they did music along with others for a series called The Trip in the UK in 1999 which featured electonic music against space footage and there was a CD released wich must be long out of print. I'm not sure if it was released in the US or just the UK, but maybe any UK readers could get in touch with you about it!

Those other two album covers were great. The guy looks like he is planning to do an 'American Pie' with the flute, and the other cover....well, I guess it is meant to represent the quality of the music within?

Anonymous said...

Tankard's "Meaning of Life" has a good cover.

For a really bad thrash metal sleeve, look up "Pity Of Man" by Australian band Addictive. ELP's "Tarkus" is terrible too.

phelpster said...

colinr - I have some electronic music, but I don't know if it's similar to Boards of Canada. I'm kinda allover the place music wise - I have songs by Alizee, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir and Pseudo Echo on my iPod Shuffle right now, so I might have something else cool that you might like, you could always check my collection list on the sidebar, or just that site, it should tell you similar artists and everything.

To the anonymous poster - Yikes, that was pretty rough, that ELP "armadillo tank", just wow. Addictive actually has an even worse cover, I forgot the title, but it has a monster shoe, complete with sharp teeth, and drool. You really gotta wonder about some of these covers. It's been done on numerous sites, but I might do my own "Worst Album Covers" type list.

Anonymous said...

That cover was originally done for a Horror Movie Book compilation, one of those A-Z type deals, where you can look up a movie to find out info , kind of a pocket WIKI. I think the authors last name was McCarthy, but I could be wrong...been awhile since I had it.


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