Saturday, March 24, 2007

Harry Manfredini - Friday the 13th: 3-D!

Today I bring you some Jason-y goodness, this is Friday the 13th:3-D by Harry Manfredini. It contains the kinda creepy/hilariously funky theme from Part 3 (lets play a theremin over some bad funk, that can't possibly go wrong!), as well music from Part 1 and Part 2. It also includes 'Fly Away, Little Bird' by Harry Manfredini which plays when Jason attacks Alice in the lake in Part 1. Also of note, not that it matters much here, but this was released with a 3-D cover complete with 3-D glasses. I'd love to actually get my hands on that. This is yet another contribution the same magnificent individual responsible for the last couple of Carpenter scores I recently posted. This guy is getting more awesome by the day.

Part 3 is one of my favorites of the series. Shot in 3-D but never officially released on video that way (I've seen bootleg 3-D versions floating around) so the film is filled with moments of people making sure something is always flying towards the camera. Be it a yo-yo, or pitchfork, or what have you. I believe it was the last to use the "Previously..On Friday the 13th" style opening showing the end of the previous film at the beginning to recap what all went down in the last film. I could be wrong though, I can't remember how 4 starts. While one of my favorites, it has the second most annoying F13 character in Shelly the Doofus (2nd behind Joey the Retard from Part 5). The old "make your friends think you've been murdered or that you're a masked murderer who is going to kill them" gag has never really been successfully pulled off, neither in movie form or real life form. Shelly was a pain in the ass, but he is the one responsible for Jason getting his mask so he was good for something. On a side note, I was a kid when these things were coming out, every Halloween you'd see the "Hockey Mask" mask in the store, but how come they never really had a actual Jason mask? They always just put out these cheap completely white hockey masks, they never did one with the markings or made it dirty looking or anything. What the hell?


ChuckWilson said...

Hey I agree, part 3 is my favorite next to part 1. Part 2 is really cool with hillbilly Jason and Amy Steel but all the gore was cut out. Was Vera the girl who Jason kills right after he gets the hockey mask? Part 4 also starts with a replay of the events of the previous movie. If you haven't you should listen to the commentary on the new Part 3 disc with Dana Kimmell, Richard Brooker and the guy who played Shelly! I also ripped the closing music from the DVD but mine has more of that "phased" sound so thanks for posting this

Alex Perez said...

Amazing score!!

Please, can you upload the soundtrack of TMNT III?

phelpster said...

chuck - Yeah, poor Vera gets it in the eye with an arrow seconds after Jason gets his mask. I tell you, for a zombified partially mentally challenged axe murderer, the man has some incredible archery skills.

alex - I actually don't have that one, but I'll check around for it.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

I love that "Hot Ice" mix of the Friday theme. it's FANTASTIC!

CampBlood said...

I so need a copy of that soundtrack!!! Do you know where I can get one?

dahulk12 said...


On the posting for Friday the 13th, click on the link at the bottom that says, "I'm not an asshole, I'm an actor". That will take you to Megaupload. Enter the three letters into the box and hit ENTER. It should tell you to wait for about 45 seconds. Then DOWNLOAD!
The HOT ICE mix of the Friday theme is included. It is the first track.

phelpster said...

campblood - yeah, if you couldn't find the link just follow what dahulk said above.

On the other hand if you're looking for the actual soundtrack I think eBay might be your only hope, I can't imagine there are a lot of actual copies with the 3-D cover floating around these days sadly.

spookykooky said...

I have this album on vinyl with the 3D cover. It's a rare piece alright. I just happened to come across it by mistake! It was being dumped from the local library who had no idea of its value. They gave it to me for free.
However the 5th track "Sail Away, Little Bird" is not on it. I have a funny feeling this track was just added to the upload here as it's widely known the original vinyl only had 4 tracks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone has the 12" extended version of the Hot Ice theme? If anyone could post it, I would be eternally grateful!


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