Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode 620: Danger!! Death Ray

I've been getting some requests for new adventures with Mike and The Bots, so here is a new one. This is episode 620: Danger!! Death Ray. Yep, that’s right, Danger!! Death Ray, the movie so exciting one exclamation point just wouldn’t cut it. The title does make it seem like an action packed thrill ride, in actuality it’s just another in the long line of countless cheap James Bond-ian knock offs that were so predominant in the 60s. Sadly given the very low budget of the film it’s missing the entertaining over the top action scenes that make the real Bond films fun. Danger!! actually features what is possibly the cheapest effect I’ve ever seen, and I’m a man who watches a lot of cheap shitty films. You’ll see it when it happens, it involves a “real” helicopter landing on a “real” submarine, in an “ocean” which is clearly a bathtub full of water. I thought I had accidentally flipped over to Francis' "bathtub fun-time" scene in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure for a moment. Was there no stock footage available? They couldn't at least get non-plastic toys for the scene?

Our "Bond" goes by the ridiculous moniker of Bart Fargo in this one. And like James Bond, Fargo’s a bit of a skeezy manwhore. If you're an attractive female, Bart Fargo is going to do you. If you're a hot woman and see Bart approaching you, you might as well start undressing because it's going to happen. So, the plot revolves around the titular Death Ray, which is stolen by evil people who want to do evil things using it’s powers. Fear not! Superspy Bart Fargo is on the mission. That's the plot, nothing more, nothing less. One thing I noticed, I’m not sure what his Superspy Dispatching Agency was called, but it looks like a hell of a place, and they offer a great benefits package, including two weeks of vacation time. And let me tell you, my god do Superspys get pissy if evildoers and their plots of world domination interfere with that vacation time.

The movie kinda blows, but the music is actually pretty good, reminds me of some of the Piero stuff I’ve posted at times. It also occasionally veers into a weird Melvin Van Peebles kind of territory resulting in several rhythmic cries of “Watermelon Man!”, which was one of the highpoints of the episode for me.

So here are the links, two parts, about 350MB each and you need both to watch the episode. The files are on Megaupload, so if you click on the link and get a “File is not found” type message just try again a little later. MU will say that sometimes only to have the file there half an hour later. It’s a complete and total assache. But it’s that or having to download 7 files from Rapidshare.

I wonder if I took a leak right now if I'd break my momentum....
Part 1
Part 2

I wanted to point everyone interested in the MST3K episodes in the direction of the Holy Grail of unreleased MST3K episode downloading sites, MySpleen. I meant to mention this way back when I first posted an episode, but the site was down for a while there when I made that post and I somehow forgot to mention it after that. I guess I had thought I mentioned it before, what can I say, I’m an idiot. Anyway, it’s a torrent site, and there is an amazing amount of wonderful stuff waiting for you over there. Just sign up for an account and you should be set. They have 4 GB DVD files of a lot of episodes, among a ton of other things. Hell, they even have Howard The Duck: The Motion Picture on there right now. Terrible movie, but, and I never thought I’d say this, Lea Thompson is hot! Anyway I will continue to post episodes here of course, because if an episode only has 1 seeder it can take a very long time to finish a download.


Anonymous said...

phelpster: You're a legend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, big time for this.

Any chance on finding some of the Godzilla/Toho episodes. I don't think they ar ever going to see the light of day on dvd due to rights issues.

The Myspleen link ain't working btw

colinr said...

Thanks for another great MST3K episode!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the MSTage, dude. I bow in your general direction.

Lacey said...

Just a note from one MSTiee to another . . .

MySpleen is now a "by invatation only" site. You cannot login unless invited by a member. As I don't know any members . . . well, you know.

Thank you for the posts. Loved MST3K, LOVE Rifftraxs, liked Film Crew so far.


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