Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daniel Licht - Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice

This is from Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice. The Corn is back and it's pissed! From the Producer of Leprechaun! I like how this is titled "The Final Sacrifice", when there are at last count, 5 sequels following this first sequel. Of course, at the time they probably had no idea 6 sequels could be made for a mediocre, mildly popular film from 1984 based on a short story by Stephen King, so I'll let them slide. As the last statement would lead you to believe, I'm not really a big fan of the series. I find the first film to be quite lacking, and most of the sequels as well. However, I love Part II and Part III. Terrible films, but they are so cheesy and have such wonderfully over the top death scenes I just can't dislike them. We've got death by cornstalk impalement, a hypodermic needle puncture wound massacre, and one son-of-a-bitch of a voodoo-induced nosebleed. There's also a death by "housing", housing of course being a word I just made up for "dropping a house on an elderly woman". And I won't spoil what happens to the elderly woman's sister. Man, this movie really hates old people!

The score by Daniel Licht at times comes off as a low rent version of Jerry Goldsmith's music from The Omen. The rest of it is pretty much what you'd expect from an early 90s low budget horror film. But if you love a bad horror film as much as me then I'd definitely check both the movie and the score out. And, if you're itching for more Daniel Licht, I have Hellraiser: Bloodline as well, in case you missed it before.

1. Main Title (Red Bear's Theme) (02:28)
2. The Waterfall/Micah'd Transformation (03:22)
3. Love in the Corn (02:08)
4. Nosebleed (02:23)
5. On the Porch, At the Table, In the Circle (03:50)
6. Doc Appleby (03:24)
7. A Combine and a House (06:12)
8. Stalking the Newsvan (03:05)
9. Danny and Lacy Kiss (02:33)
10. Hallfire Suite (06:18)
11. Ring Sacrifice/Finale (04:29)
12. Children of the Children (End Credits) (02:55)

Those kids went ape-shit and killed everyone.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan ( here- long time fan, first time...uh, commenter. Anywho, thanks a million for putting up a lot of stuff I've been searching for to no avail (especailly the OST to Soavi's "La Chiesa"). My question- do you have the OST to "Dellamorte Dellamore"? I've heard it was floating around some time last year, but I can't find a single person who has it. I'm dyin' here!

colinr0380 said...

I've only ever seen part of the first Children of the Corn film. I was watching it in my room when I was about 11, trying to be quiet so my parents wouldn't catch me. Of course they came upstairs 20 minutes before the end, so I never found out how the film ended.

"Never mind", I thought,"I can always watch it the next time it is shown on television".

Sixteen years later, it hasn't been shown once! I have read the Stephen King's Night Shift book though, so not too desperate to watch it!

I've never seen any of the sequels either - although I am curious to see how they develop the plot!


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