Monday, February 19, 2007

Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)

Found this on a forum I visit and thought it'd be fun to share. This is Alice Cooper's video for He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. The quality isn't that great, I don't think it was ever released on a video or anything, so this was possibly recorded off of TV back in the 80's and saved from a YouTube upload, then converted to an MPG file. But, it's very cool seeing the video now. You get to watch a fake audience watch the movie, then suddenly Jason bursts through the screen. Corny in all the best possible ways, and you even see Jason throw a headlock on Alice Cooper at the end.

For those of you keeping track, this is my favorite Friday the 13th film. Possibly due to the fact that the movie stars Thom Matthews from my favorite movie ever, Return of the Living Dead. Plus the super cute Megan character was very, well cute, and funny. In fact I actually liked all of the characters, which is very rare for a slasher film. You even get to see Horshack get iced! But most importantly, the movie was just really, really fun. But it still had a little bit of a mean streak in some of the death scenes. I honestly wish we'd get more fun horror films today instead of all these damn depressing torture movies they keep churning out. Those can be good, but sometimes you just need something fun.

Anyway, the video, have fun:


colinr0380 said...

It is one of my favourites in the series too:

"So what did you want to be when you grew up?"!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

ha ha. Great song and awesome video. How can you go wrong with have Jason actually in your video rather than just relying on cut footage from the film

Greg said...

I have this video also....recorded it on VHS years ago off of U.S.A. Night Flight, I think.

jason said...

Hi Phelpster. Finally writing another post. I am glad my post cheered you up on V-Day. Also, thanks for helping me out on the extra "Career Opp." track. "Friday 13th VI: Jason Lives" is also very dear to my heart. It rules and is so much fun. Whenever I go play Disc Golf at a couple of courses, it reminds me of when they're playing paintball from Friday VI (I have also played paintball when I was younger and must do it again soon -fun!) I agree with you about all the sick & twisted torture and whacked out depressing horror flicks these days. I was watching bootlegs of all the Asian bullshit that's been out like that stuff like 9 years ago. Friday 13th movies and all the 80's flicks are way more fun. When are we even gonna get another awesome treat like John Carpenter's "In The Mouth Of Madness" or "Brainscan" from the 90's? We can pray. I had a blast watching a mid-week early release screening of Freddy Vs. Jason in 2003 at on that hot summer night at a DRIVE-IN theatre!
Hey I thought I would either try to post on here or send you a couple of rare film tracks to start out with to share with everyone. Let me know what to do. Hope you're doin' well man and I have a few recent rare score surprises as well.

Jason "Freycanthrope" Frey


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