Saturday, February 17, 2007

Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was...Death

This is Devil Doll's 1989 album The Girl Who Was...Death. One of the most unusual and bizarre albums ever recorded. The vocals, by band (and possibly cult) leader Mr. Doctor are very odd, half spoken/half sung, very theatrical sounding, and can be hard to get into if you're not prepared, but you do get used to it. Regardless, the music is absolutely brilliant. The album consists of one track 66:06 in length, although there is a good 20 minutes of silence starting at about the 40 minute mark, so you will want to fast forward after that, music starts back up a little after the hour mark. The sound is a bit hard to describe, so I'll quote a fellow Rateyourmusic user who described them as "Orchestral Classical meets Darkwave and Ambient, with a strong dose of Modern Goth and Metal. However that's hardly a just answer, so just listen." So basically if you like any of those styles of music you should at least give it a shot. There is also a old horror film feel to the whole thing, so it should appeal to some soundtrack fans as well. If you are on the fence about downloading, just search around, plenty of reviews floating around. Like this one at Satan Stole My Teddybear

This is technically their second album, Mr. Doctor wrote and recorded an album prior to this one entitled The Mark of the Beast. He pressed one and only one copy of the album and never repressed it after that. He keeps the only copy at his home in Italy. I think that's the only time I've heard of someone doing that. There were initially only 500 copies of The Girl Who Was...Death pressed. 150 were handed out at a live performance and Mr. Doctor destroyed the other 350. Of course more copies were later pressed, but this is still a pretty hard item to come by.

Track Listing
1. The Girl Who Was... Death 1: – 66:06


Vinnie Rattolle said...

Never heard of them, but I think I just found my new favorite album! It sorta defies categorization since the music is all over the map, but what I've heard is wonderful. Mr. Doctor's vocals are rather reminiscent of King Diamond... which seems like a weird combo with this hauntingly melodic music, but it works. Thanks for another great share, phelpster!

phelpster said...

Wow, I've never helped anyone find a favorite album before, I feel honored. For me this was one of those times where I saw the cover and the title and without even hearing it I thought "Okay, I don't even care what this is, this is going in my collection." Then I played it and that changed to "Holy crap, this is awesome!" Really glad you enjoyed it, if you look for more of their albums be careful, there was a US Rock band called Devil Doll as well, but they only had like one album so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Antropoide Misantrópico said...

Many thanks for sharing, I was really curious about this band, great blog, THANKS!

Anonymous said...

I like a lot of music styles,but i am a great fan of Horror Literature and horror movies, so Devil Doll is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy and spooky night.


Greetings from Mexico

mt said...

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