Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

This is the soundtrack from Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. I thought I had posted the score earlier, but I couldn't find it in the archive, so I guess I haven't. This installment of the series was directed by Stephen Hopkins the man who showed us the real story behind the Jamaican Voodoo Posse in Predator 2. The film starts off with one of those confusing arty sex scenes. You know, one of those sex scenes that makes you wonder "Wait, am I looking at a man's shoulder or a woman's ass?" The Dream Child really delves into the whole very grim "Son of a hundred maniacs" idea that was touched upon a few times before. Say what you will about these films, a nun being looked in an insane asylum for days while a hundred deranged bastards have their way with her is really dark and disturbing. Of course the terrifying aspect of this idea is killed by the occasionally wacky and campy tone of the film it's featured in.

I had a huge crush on Lisa Wilcox who plays Alice when I was younger. I think it was the diner waitress uniform. Did it for me when I was like 8, I guess. She actually owns a company with Tuesday Knight from part 4 called Toe Brights. I'm sure I mentioned this previously, but I'm mentioning it again just in case you missed it before. Anyway, despite featuring some great effects set pieces I think this is one of the lesser entries. It all looked great, I think one of the better shot of all the movies, but it just didn't really come together in the end. Although the comic book guy scene kinda answers the question "What if A-ha's Take On Me video took place in a slasher film."? Freddy goes about his usual routine of killing most, if not all of the main character's friends. Pretty standard really, but by the end the damn thing turns into Labyrinth with the kid running up upsidedown stairs while being chased by the bad guy. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you ask, David Bowie doesn't show up with a ridiculous wig singing any tunes.

On to the soundtrack. There are some pretty cool songs on here, most notably the Iron Maiden and WASP tracks. The Samantha Fox track starts off sounding kinda like Bruce McCulloch's "Spread For No Roses" video from The Kids in the Hall. And Kool Moe Dee sounds an awful lot like Sir Mix-a-Lot in his contribution. Wait, is Kool Moe Dee Sir Mix-a-lot? Is one the alter ego of the other? There are 4 rap tracks on this soundtrack and I remember now why I've avoided that entire genre for the past several years. I mean sure this is late 80s rap which is different from current rap, but I just can't get into it either way.

1. Bring your daughter to the slaughter (04:57)
Bruce Dickinson
2. Heaven in the backseat (03:55)
Romeo's daughter
3. Savage (03:31)
4. Can't take the hurt (04:20)
5. What do you know about rock 'n'roll (03:32)
Slave raider
6. Any way I gotta swing it (04:30)
7. Now I lay me down (05:00)
Samantha Fox
8. Lets go (05:21)
Kool moe dee
9. Word up doc (03:21)
Doctor ice
10. Livin' in the jungle (03:35)
Schoolly D

Better not dream and drive.


MistressMarshmello said...

thanks for the linky P.!

Trav said...

Thanks so much for the ANOES 5 post!!!
Been looking for that album!
I was wondering: Do you have any of the Child's Play soundtracks?
I know CP2 was just released as a promo disc, but, there was a French import cd of the first film and not sure about CP3.
Any help you could give me would be mucho appreciated!
Your blog has been a great source for my horror soundtrack needs!

Trav said...

Nevermind, Dusted has done it again!
That's one great lil' blog I tell ya.
If anyone wants Child's Play or Child's Play 2, go there now!

Alex said...

It looks like I missed out on this one... Any chance of a re-up?



Anonymous said...

Nice songs.
Can you re-up this one?


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