Thursday, April 26, 2007

Les Baxter - Space Escapade

This is the late, great Les Baxter and one of the several albums he put out in 1958, Space Escapade. I love the cover for this. Looks like those astronauts are gonna get tanked off of some space cocktails and try to score with those Martian chicks. Who can blame them? I'm not really into women from other planets, but man that pink one is hot. You know, for a Martian. The great thing about the cover is that it fits the music perfectly. If you were to throw a retro-futuristic cocktail party, this would be the only album you'd need. Holy crap that's not a bad idea. If I knew more than like 6 people I would absolutely throw a retro-futuristic cocktail party. All the guys have to come wearing really bright space/snow suits with fishbowl helmets. And all the ladies have to come as neon colored Martians in go-go boots. Since I don't know more than 6 people, I hope someone out there uses that idea. Here's the album, just in case:

1 Shooting Star
2 Moonscape
3 Mr. Robot
4 The City
5 A Distant Star
6 The Commuter
7 Winds of Sirius
8 The Other Side of the Moon
9 Somewhere in Space
10 Earth Light
11 The Lady Is Blue
12 Saturday Night on Saturn


eniksleestack said...

Thanks for this album. I have it on vinyl, but that's just for collecting dust, you know.

And, yes, I'd definitely go for the pink Martian.:)

KL from NYC said...

Thank you.


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