Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CREEPY - First and Best in Illustrated Horror Still!

Well, once again I'm barely getting this up in time, but I just made it. Of course if I missed Wednesday I could've just put them up the next day, wouldn't have been a huge deal. I do like getting them up the same day each week though. Here's a new set of Creepy for you all to enjoy. This latest set includes issues #50-#55.

Sorry about another lack of updates lately. I've been feeling a bit rough lately so I haven't really had the energy to do much recently, even something as relatively simple as updating the site. I'll try and pick up the pace a bit both here and over on Space Bastard, which is pretty much getting an update every 6-10 days at this point. I've got some cool stuff lined up for both sites as soon as I overcome this sudden laziness I've been struck with.


John said...

Feel better, Phelpster; it's a shame to see you down in the dumps. We'll be waiting here for you when you feel more energetic.

Anonymous said...

Another great selection. Thank you very much. I send my best wishes to you. Thanks for the special attention you give to these books.

Anonymous said...

When I was a teen I was a avid Collector of Warren Comics.Sadly I no longer have any of these magazines.I just wanted to say thanks for uploading these great magazines.

Tittybiscuit said...

Absolutely loving the Warren Comics posts... many thanks and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton dude, I remember seeing an ad for the issue with the Corben artwork but I was never able to track it down. Now decades later I finally get it , thanks to you! You rule over all things that are deemed good.


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