Sunday, January 27, 2008

Goblin - Buio Omega

Goblin's score from the 1979 film Buio Omega. You might be more familiar with the title Beyond the Darkness, as it's called on the Shriek Show DVD, it's also known as Buried Alive (which doesn't make any sense) and my personal favorite Blue Holocaust.

It's one of 200 films J D'Amato (aka Steven Benson / Anna Bergman / John Bird / Jim Black / Alexandre Borski / Alexandre Borsky / James Burke / Lee Castle / Lynn Clark / O.J. Clarke / Hugo Clevers / Joe Damato / Joe De Mato / Raf De Palma / Michael Di Caprio / Paolo Dominici / Dario Donati / Raf Donato / Romano Gastaldi / John Gelardi / Richard Haller / David Hills / Igor Horwess / George Hudson / Gerry Lively / Kevin Mancuso / A. Massaccesi / Aristice Massaccesi / Aristide Massaccesi / Aristide Massaccessi / Aristede Massacesi / Arizona Massachuset / Andrea Massai / J. Metheus / Peter Newton / Una Pierre / Zak Roberts / Joan Russel / Tom Salima / John Shadow / Fred Sloniscko Jr. / Federico Slonisco / Frederick Slonisco / Fédérico Slonisco / Federico Slonisko Jr. / Frederico Slonisko Jr. / Dan Slonisko / Federico Slonisko / Federiko Slonisko / Frederico Slonisko / Frederic Slonisko / Frederiko Slonisko / Fred Slonisko / Chana Lee Sun / Chang Lee Sun / Michael Wotruba / Robert Yip / Sarah Asproon / Donna Aubert) directed before his death in 1999 and one of my favorite of his that I've actually seen. But even though I think it's a good film (damn good, in fact), it's not one I find myself wanting to see again anytime soon due to the fact that it's a rather depressing - not to mention really gross - little movie, what with the necrophilia and cannibalism and all.

By the way, Cinzia Monreale (perhaps better known for her role as Emily in Fulci's The Beyond), who plays the corpse-ified Anna in the film has aged wonderfully as seen in the DVD interview she did a few years back. I know, that image is small, but check out the DVD if you can, she really looks amazing, for a non-horror fan, at least.

Anyway, here's your tracklist/link

1. Buio Omega (Main Titles) (02:52)
2. Quiet Drops (04:31)
3. Strive After Dark (02:30)
4. Pillage (02:20)
5. Rush (04:13)
6. Keen (04:02)
7. Ghost Vest (02:56)
8. Bikini Island (04:02)
9. Buio Omega (Suite 1) (02:56)
10. Quiet Drops (Film Version) (03:48)
11. Strive After Dark (Suite) (03:00)
12. Buio Omega (Alternate Version) (01:40)
13. Strive After Dark (Alternate Version) (03:00)
14. Buio Omega (Synth Effect-Alternate Takes Suite) (02:23)
15. Buio Omega Theme (Reprise) (03:30)


Hellbishop said...

One of my favorites by J D'Amato. And yes it is rather depressing and dark. A real litany of perversion including incest or at least in the vhs BURIED ALIVE version.

Havent gotten around to checking out the dvd version which should be a real treat with the sharper images and wonderful extras that usually come.

Ha ha thanks for listing all of J D'Amato aliases :D Wow thats alot!

And thanks for the awesome picture of Cinzia Monreale. She looks incredibly buetiful and romantic even moreso then in her younger days.


I respect your blog.please keep posting those soundtracks

Anonymous said...

Nice! I initially rented this DVD specifically because it had Cinzia in it. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that they tracked her down for an interview. She seemed thrilled that audiences still enjoy her earlier work.


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