Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EERIE - Out of a Land of Magic and Dreams

Here are 8 more issues of EERIE for everyone. This set contains issue #64, #65, #66, #68, #69, #71 and #72. I don't have #67 or #70, sorry about that, but I'll post them if I find them. I hope you are all fans of Hunter II and Exterminator because they show up in most of these issues.

I would've had these up sooner but I had to take in a viewing of Rambo earlier, which turned out to be rather awesome actually. Insanely violent and gory and possibly the loudest movie I've ever seen, my ears were actually ringing a bit afterwards. That probably had something to do with the 7-minute stretch with almost continuous machine gun fire. 300+ Dead bodies. Machine gun decapitation. Bow and arrow De-Eyeballization. Dalton-esque throat ripping. Canine collateral damage. Amputee summer camp. Gratuitous Michael Moriarty look-a-like. 3 and a Half Stars, Phelpster says check it out.

Anyway, your links. Split over 3 parts, you'll need all to view the issues:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the mid-week a bit better! Warren Wednesdays are something to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

At last there is a man out there.
No sissy broke-back-army movies.
I never thought I would see the feminization of our country.
So heres to the Rambone man who does it HIS way.
Thanks for the Eerie Extraviganza.

Anonymous said...

I'm back to tell you of a great Alien story in #60. About Pi the Alien. There is a sequel in issue 70, i think.
This would be a fabulous movie.
Eerie is a encyclopedia of genius.
Many Thanks Sir.


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