Thursday, February 07, 2008

CREEPY - All New Stories and Art! Plus COLOR!

Welcome to Warren Thursday. I was out most of the day yesterday and completely forgot to put up any new comics. When I realized this I promptly smacked myself on the forehead, yelled "Oh!" (partly because of the sudden realization, partly because the head smack kind of hurt.). So, instead of waiting till the next Wednesday to put them up, I'll break tradition and put them up today. So here are 6 new issues of Creepy. For those of you not keeping track, this set includes issue #56-61.

Issue #59 features what has to be one of like a hundred killer Santa stories I've seen. What I want to know, where's the murderous Easter Bunny at? Or some dude dressed up like Abe Lincoln or Christopher Columbus offing people on their respective holidays? These lunatics escape from the wacko basket and the best they can do is dress up like Santa prior to/during their rampage? Seems so obvious, doesn't it?

Well, here are the links, 3 parts on Sharebee. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

One day I will have the ability to be as generous as you.
Creepy is cool.
Thanks Vince

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Creepys, even if fashionably late, heh heh!

Always awesome! said...

thanks. Great post as always.


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