Wednesday, February 27, 2008

EERIE - UFOs Bring Terror To Earth and Stuff

Okay, and we're back with some more EERIE. 8 more, this set includes #84, 85, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92. I don't currently have 87, but you know the drill, if it turns up you'll find it here later on. I just realized that I already posted #89 in the very first EERIE post I put up, so sorry for those of you who already got that one.

Looking at the cover for #85, I have one question...what purpose would nipples serve on a robot? You're already on thin ice trying to get away with painting a robot with a cowboy hat without it looking ridiculous, why add giant nipples? I mean really.

Also, just wanted to mention that Anubis was kind enough to supply a scan of Creepy #65 in the comments of the last Creepy post. I've added the link to the post, so scroll down a few posts and grab that one if you didn't do so already. Thanks Anubis! Also, thanks to Maney7 for offering up his own scan of the issue as well.


maney7 said...

Man,I can remember the Hockey covered issue being on the newsstand,I was living in europe and going to one of the many military book stores,Stars&Stripes, atleast once a week when I got my allowance,that cover is one that I distinctly remember,geez has it been 30 or so years since?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Ah, I remember "The Rook," later released as an individual-collection magazine. The "nipple" robot was a bit of a C-3P0 but could kick ass when the situation demanded. Series ended on a pointlessly "down" note, however.

The ads are a trip in themselves. God, to think our nostalgia once relied on crappy, scratched-up, soundless Super 8...


(Say, what happened to "Bowser," the cover story from #67 in the last post? It seems to have been replaced by "The Raven," which is fine, but still...did an editor suddenly get squeamish?)

Anonymous said...

The only reason to love wednesday is because of the Manchester Morgue and its Creepy ,Eerie books.
Thanks so much Vince

Anonymous said...

Am I correct that..44, 45, 46..Are not posted.
I do not have them. Thanks good buddy! Vince


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