Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CREEPY - Chillingly Illustrated Horror Classics!

Time for more Creepy, this latest set includes issue #62, 63, 64, 66, 67 and 68. Sorry, I don't have issue #65, but my staff is working overtime to track down that issue.

As you can see, yet another cover featuring a homicidal Saint Nick. At least this one is extra demented, what with the Elves of Doom decorating someone's home with entrails and all. Plus Santa seems to be a little otherworldly, perhaps an alien of some sort, I guess. A Killer Klaus From Outer Space, if you will. Anyway, enjoy:

I've managed to get issue #65, so click here to grab that issue. Thanks to Anubis for leaving the link in the comments!


maney7 said...

If you guys don't find #65 in the next few days,let me know and I'll get you scans of mine.

phelpster said...

That would be fantastic if you could. The site I got all my Warren stuff from shut down a while ago, so it's been hard to find new ones. Of course, don't feel obligated or anything, but I, and I'm sure the people here would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Here's Creepy #65:

And thanks for all the other Warren you've shared!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great selection.
I have alos tried downloading #65 and hopefully can open it. The link is __1974.cbz

Thanks God Man, Vince

Anonymous said...

Just found this site, I will start downloading these as soon as I get home. I used to have loads of these comics, Creepy, Eire, House of Suspense, House of Mystery, all the Zombie ones with Simon Garth, Haunt of Horror and various others. I got them quite a few years ago when a comic shop I knew was shutting down. It was a bit of nostalgia for me as my brother in law used to read them when I was growing up. The whole lot got stolen from my dads shed one day. I was absolutely gutted. These will have to do in the meantime. Thanks for the time and effort.

phelpster said...

Anubis - Thanks a lot for sharing that one! I'll add the link to the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the great comics. Does anyone know what happened to the cover story "Bowser" in issue #67?Poe's "The Raven" seems to be in its place.

needaltuna said...

Great to see a fellow scanner of comics posting classic Warren mags. You're a man after my own heart.

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