Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bill and Ted's Bogus Comic Book Adaptation

Sorry about the lack of posts this past week, I was out of town on a bit of a vacation for the last week or so. But I'm back, and I'd thought I'd start off with a little comic adaptation of my favorite Bill and Ted movie (part 2). It follows the movie pretty closely, but there are a few things that are slightly different. One thing I noticed, they changed Ted saying that heaven was "most atypical" to "most semi-typical", which doesn't sound very funny at all. Or accurate, because the heaven in Bogus Journey was supposed to look a bit different than what we're used to seeing in movies, thus making it atypical, not semi-typical. In fact, I'm not certain semi-typical is even an actual recognized term.

But I won't go any further into that, because I don't think anyone is too worried about it. It's a Bill and Ted comic. If you're bored, this will give you something to read for 20 minutes or so.

Things To Watch For:

James Martin of Faith No More: The Animated...Comic Panel?
Thwarted By The Evil Robot Us's
The Melvining of Death (literally)
Station - Now In Green!
Oh, No, They're Brown Again
Rufus - Spanked with Dog
No Comic Version of Primus? Lame.


Chris JC said...

Yes - tell those fools. Bogus Journey is not just the better of the two, it's a truly excellent bit of work which deserves more kudos.

Roger Camden said...

I recently saw a trade paperback of the Bill and Ted comic series (by Evan Dorkin for Marvel).
It was through Evan Dorkin's comic company (or at least whomever he releases stuff through).

Zen Tiger said...

Very cool, thanks yet again phelpster!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you to upload the Bogus Journey soundtrack, phelpster?

Chris JC said...

If not - it's totally possible for me to. Let me know if you want it, Phelpster.

phelpster said...

Chris JC - Sure, that would be great if it's not any trouble for you. I actually own the CD ($2 pawn shop find) but I am not quite sure where I have it stored. But if it's a pain for you to upload it I can dig out my copy and rip it.

linda said...

Thanks for posting this comic. I never got to read it. I still like the first film the best, but the second was decent enough. Not surprised the fantasy creature attack was taken out. Too over-the-top and it would have bogged the movie down. Really didn't make sense as to how the robots got them anyway.

Chris JC said...

I never did forget, Phelpster - I blame my wife for tidying up my CDs. I've found them. I'll do a rip and send to you to see if you want to add artwork etc. I'll make sure they have decent tags - any particular address I should use?


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