Friday, November 28, 2008

Mort The Dead Teenager

This is the Marvel mini-series Mort The Dead Teenager. In the first issue Mort Graves is denogginized by a train during a drag racing accident. With the help of Teen Death, Mort gets to see what his world is like without him. Or something like that, I'm not finished with it yet. It lasted for 4 issues in 1993/94, each of which can be downloaded in the link below.

Searching for some information to use for this post I found countless sites mentioning a Tarantino produced film version of Mort that was in development a few years ago. And here I thought Man-Thing was a bit too obscure for someone to try and make into a movie. The only rumored cast member at the time was Jessica Simpson (not as hot as the world thinks, by the way) Presumably she would've been cast as the dumb chick with big cans and not Mort.

Things To Watch For:
Death Rides A Train
Apostrophe S - It's a word
The Lighter Side of Automobile Related Teenage Fatalities
Mort Gets A Head of Himself
She's Been De-Feeted!
Yngwie's Brother Yngwe


Karswell said...

Cool, I totally forgot about this one... checked my long box and apparently I only bought the first issue. Will have to download the rest. Thanks!

Caravatti said...

Congratulations for your blog.
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Bob said...

Thanks for the great content on your blog!

Does anyone know where to find scans of Skywald magazines (Nightmare, Psycho, Scream), please?

I have found some over there:

The issues with Edgar Allan Poe stories are those I am looking for more particularly.


Evan said...

Sort of unrelated (my apologies for that), but do you think you might be able to upload that 3-D copy of Jaws 3 you said you had when Posting the soundtrack a few months back? I personally don't care whether the quality is stellar or not. Thanks in advance, mate, and thanks for all the hard work you put into the site.

Zen Tiger said...

Thanks big time phelpster - this is great!

Zen Tiger said...

Bob is this what your looking for? scream 1-12,14,15

Diegogue said...



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