Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fatal Games - The Second Prize is Death

The bizarre and hilarious 1984 slasher Fatal Games, written by Buñuel (Rafael, that is) and starring women with names like Teal and Spice. The description from the Media VHS cover:

"What is happening at the Falcon Academy of Athletes? One by one the young competitors for the 1984 Olympics are facing a race against death- at the hands of a javelin-hurling madman.

Is potential champion, Annie Rivers, fast enough to outrun the killer and stay alive? She must use every trick and every turn in the book to stay ahead in this deadly game. There can only be one winner in this contest. Only one will finish!"

Yes, you read that correctly, the killer's weapon of choice is a javelin. One of the most impractical weapons of all time - with a minimum length of 260 cm (8 ft 6.25 in) - you've got to admit it's an inventive choice.

Most of the film's running time is pretty standard slasher fare, but like fellow exercise themed slaughter picture Killer Workout Fatal Games goes totally batshit during the final act - making you forget the fairly routine first and second act. If you stick with this one you will be rewarded with a rousing and hysterical final 20 minutes that will leave you breathless and dumbfounded.

Note: The cover above was designed by me using a Blue Underground
template. The cover was made completely for the hell of it. As far as I know
they have no plans of actually releasing Fatal Games.


Frosty90210 said...

Thanks for all you do. I would like to send you a photo of a lemon that grew on my tree. You have to see it to believe it, it looks like the creature on
Eerie magazine #21. Not exactly of course, but it's pretty amazing to see. Can I e-mail you the photo.
Maybe you can add it to the blog as a conversation piece.

mission-code-z said...

This appears to be a corrupted file.

Anyone else having trouble extracting properly?

phelpster said...

Frosty - Sure, that sounds cool, Send it to

mission-code-z - Hey man, I just double checked the RAR files on my computer and everything extracted fine. I would double check and make sure all 4 files were completely downloaded from RS. Sounds obvious, but that's happened to me a few times. Let me know if you still have trouble.:)

Anonymous said...

would you share your amazing covers?


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