Monday, December 22, 2008

Macabre Movie Poster Madness

Back when I was doing my Space Bastard site one of my favorite things to post was movie posters, of the macabre and horrific variety, usually tied together with some kind of theme. This is also a common practice over at Final Girl - in fact I had called this Macabre Movie Poster Monday until I looked at her site and saw she uses "Awesome Movie Poster Friday". Seemed disrespectful to my fellow Blogger user, stealing the Adjective/Movie Poster/Day of the Week format for a post title, so I've replaced Monday with Madness.

Moving on. Since I enjoy making my own DVD covers I have gathered a decent sized collection of movie poster imagery, I figured I'd throw some up here and see what happens.

Michael Powell's Peeping Tom

Lucio Fulci's The New York Ripper (duh)

Mario Bava's Kill Baby Kill

Riccardo Freda/Mario Bava's I, Vampiri

I've saved the strangest for last. This is actually a poster from Night of the Living Dead - as in George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead. What a mongloid hand wearing press-on nails (with a bolt, uh, bolted into it, no less) has to do with anything at all I do not know. It has been years since I've actually watched NOTLD, maybe I've forgotten the mongloid hand.


Chick Young said...

Oh how I miss the "Bastard" - I still link to it - hoping it might rise again from the ashes. It holds the special privilege of having the single best blog name EVER.

Bill Dan Courtney said...

I often love and prefer the European posters for older films to the actual original American ones. Really nice artwork in them.

Anonymous said...

Cool, love the Bava stuff!


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