Friday, December 05, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen.....The Fabulous Stains

I've been playing the hell out of this one since I got it about a week ago. This is the soundtrack from the 1981 Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains. The film stars Diane Lane as Corrine Burns, founder and head songwriter for the fictional girl band The Stains. It chronicles the rise and very sudden fall in popularity of The Stains - A band not particularly high in talent, Corrine's rants and strange attire still manage to garner the band a small cult following of impressionable teenage girls (see above link, scroll down). The film also stars Ray Winstone as the singer of rival (and actually talented) band The Looters (which, apart from Winstone consists of Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, and Paul Simenon of The Clash).

Random fact: This film features the first appearance of Queen of No-Budget Schlock Debbie Rochon.

This soundtrack was released with a "Download Only" option on Amazon, then it was almost immediately (within 24 hours or so) pulled from the site for some reason or another. I found it over on Cinemageddon, so credit goes out to the original uploader over there who was quick enough to get it before it disappeared.

There are several highlights on this album, from The Professionals by The Looters to the spiteful cover of The Professionals by The Stains. My personal favorite is a reggae number called Curfew. I don't even like Reggae, but I really love this one.

1. All Washed Up [Rock] - Lawn Boy
2. Professionals - The Looters
3. Roadmap Of My Tears - The Metal Corpses
4. La La La - The Looters
5. Curfew - Lawn Boy
6. Waste Of Time - The Stains
7. All Washed Up [Reggae] - Lawn Boy
8. Professionals - The Stains
9. Don't Blow It All Away - The Looters
10. Conned Again - The Looters
11. Professionals [Video Version] - The Fabulous Stains


Tim F. said...

All Hail Black Randy

jason said...

Hey Phelpster! Jason here saying hello andl letting you know I posted something new on my my blog. I briefly expain why I haven't been posting on my blog as of late. I hope you're doing well man. Enjoy the new post!


bryan said...

thank you so much! i've been looking for this for quite some time! i can also highly commend the professionals' album "i didn't see it coming", including their version of "professionals".

Anonymous said...

Score - a direct hit! Thank you muchly!

Erick said...

Any chance for a re-up?

Erick said...

And by "re-up" I mean a version that has all the songs?

phelpster said...

Nope, that's all that was on the soundtrack that showed up on Amazon. According to the IMDB this is just missing the Black Randy track (which I don't know where to find) and a Carole King track.

Erick said...

When I downloaded the rar, only three songs came up, followed by a failure message. Sorry I wasn't more specific.

phelpster said...

Oh, I see. I just downloaded the file to double check for you and it opened okay on my end. I would try and download it again, it must've not fully downloaded the first time.

Jonman said...

What do you mean Ray Winstone? I haven't seen this yet, but I've seen a couple clips and it sure looks a hell of a lot like Fee Waybil of The Tubes, and the late Vince Welnick is in it too. Could Fee have been using a pseudonym?

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you download the album? The downloading process was confusing and i think they want euros. heres my email it would mean a lot to me if you emailed me.

julie said...

This is my all time FAV up
there with TIMES SQUARE!!


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