Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sorcery - Stunt Rock

I'm not sure how many out there are still frequenting this site given my erratic posting schedule over the past few months. Can't blame you, I post 5 things in two days, say I'll be posting more frequently from now on, then I don't post anything for two weeks, who knows what the hell is going on.

Sorry about that, but for those of you still checking back occasionally here's the music to the 1978 Brian Trenchard-Smith (BMX Bandits, Night of the Demons 2, Leprechaun 4 - and these are his good movies*) film Stunt Rock. The music was done by the band Sorcery (out of L.A., not the Sorcery of Chicago)

01. Sacrifice
02. Wizard's Council
03. Talking To The Devil
04. Burned Alive
05. Book Of Magic
06. Stuntrocker
07. Mark Of The Beast
08. The Bird Song
09. Wicked City
10. Woman

*I kid, because I love.


Jorge Andrés Trejos said...

Hi there and once again for sharing...I Download here a lot...but never comments up....and about no posting as usual dont worry am sure with all got a lot of things to get fun and enjoy!


George Peyton said...

Awesome! U find some great stuff! Love the site.

litlgrey said...

I subscribe! I don't download everything, but I read all the feeds. Believe me, your work is much appreciated!

Captain Storm said...

Thanks for the alternat links.I know it must be a pain to have to do it,but appreciated none the less or all the more :-)

The Cap.

Diego said...

i don´t think you have to post like crazy. just keep posting whenever you feel like it.
a hug from Brasil

Captain said...

A classic!
Cheers from Belgium.

madrotter said...

thanks for this, i saw this movie at the theater when i was a kid and a huge kiss fan, pretty vague movie but good music, thanks again!

Liz said...

Love your site, follow it through RSS so I always know when you post new entries. You always find the best stuff!

Anonymous said...

Saw this way back when it was released and never forgot it. Thanks for the post. The music was awesome too!

Weird Eyes said...

Dude, thats an all around funny ass'd post.

Anonymous said...

DUDE.. You are doing a great job with your posts.
Next...The movie "STUNTROCK"!
The movie was great,and the trailor is just awesome.
The band "Sorcery" is really good in this one.
The music is totaly Rock
in the tradition of great 70's hard rock!
I looked these guys up on "youtube",and "myspace"sites also.
They are easily found using search "Sorcery EMI Records" or "Sorcery band L.A. CA."
or "Stuntrock Movie"(or DVD)
They do have a several websites,
one of them is;
and their music is available from many places including Amazon,Sony music,Yahoo music,MSN and from their website as well. Really a great find on your part!!


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