Saturday, January 30, 2010

Narcoleptic Sorcerer in the House of Eventual Doom - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

Today, thanks to a weird snow/ice storm I got to miss going to work. For most people, this is a good thing. Not me. Since I need to buy a new car very soon, missing a day of work is kind of a nuisance. I personally hate missing work due to bad weather because it combines two things I hate the most, losing money and calling a place to get out of doing something.

Oh well, the good news was that I was able to finish up a compilation I've been working on. I call this one Narcoleptic Sorcerer in the House of Eventual Doom. Because this dude is clearly asleep, and this lady - while her demise is surely imminent - will probably have a bit of time to kill before her offing. This kind of creative stupidity is the result of reading Famous Monsters of Filmland while watching Monster Chiller Horror Theatre on SCTV.

This compilation features songs that share a name with a movie (like The Thing With No Heads, Novelty Cigarette Lighter of Doom and Werewolf in Unnecessarily Short Gym Shorts before it). The variety on display here will probably give most people a headache. Jumping from Zao to early Ministry to Genghis Tron to Dee D. Jackson all in the span of about 80 minutes can't be good for you brain. But, if you're like me and you are on the verge of dementia, this should be a fun listen.

Looking at the forecast for Sunday and Wednesday I'll probably have those days off also (crap!), so I should be able to finish up a couple others I'm working on, tentatively titled Mall Madness Massacre and Mummy Came In My Room.

Ministry - Revenge
The Lillingtons - Caveman
God is an Astronaut - Zodiac
Zao - Autopsy
Omega Lithium - Stigmata
Abgott - Epitaph
Within Temptation - The Howling
The Birthday Massacre - To Die For
Glös - Sunshine
Artesia - Invitation
Constants - The Nameless
Ryashon - The Warrior
Agents of Oblivion - Dead Girl (Acid Bath Cover)
Los Straitjackets - Rockula (movie here, music here
Amorphis - Alone
Genghis Tron - Badlands
The Damned - She
The Ghastly Ones - Werewolves on Wheels
The Dead Elvi - Gothica
Scientist - Ghost of Frankenstein
Dee D. Jackson - Meteor Man

Couple of notes:

The Birthday Massacre - To Die For - Shares a title with several movies, the Nicole Kidman movie from 1995, the vampire movie that was in Fangoria a lot in the early 90s that nobody has actually seen, and even some kind of homosexual ghost film. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I know I put The Birthday Massacre on a lot of these things, I own a bit of stock in the band.

Constants - The Nameless - Okay, so the actual title is Los sin nombre, but it still counts. If you like this one, Constants album The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension is actually available for free from Gimmesound . It's pretty excellent, worth the minute to sign up for an account there. Also check out Junius from the same label.

The Dead Elvi - Gothica - I just remembered the movie title is spelled Gothika, but I've already gotten it uploaded, and it's a rather good song, so I'm going to just let the 'c' for 'k' mix up stand.

Abgott - Epitaph - Shares a title with the 1987 Joseph Merhi film. Merhi has directed and produced a shit-ton of low rent schlock like Fresh Kill, The Newlydeads and Magic Kid.

Dee D. Jackson - Meteor Man - Jackson's song came out in 1978, Robert Townsend's film came out in 1993, I think Robbie owes someone some money.

Genghis Tron - Badlands - These guys are insane, with some of the most menacing vocals I've ever heard - from a man named Mookie no less. Sadly being a brief instrumental piece this song doesn't show off their full badassery, be sure to check out their album Board Up The House. For example (really cool video, too):


Anonymous said...

This post pretty much made my week. I immediately directed my blog visitors over here and gave credit to your genius.

Pulp! is Blake Monahan said...

Yes, bravo. sorry you had to call out, but this is brilliant. thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And keep on keeping on...may you never tire!


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