Monday, February 01, 2010

Mall Madness Massacre - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

Well, I did miss another day of work, which means I've been more or less trapped in my house for 4 days now - I think I'm starting to see where Jack Torrance was coming from. I've yet to attack my annoying wife with an axe, nor do I have an annoying wife or intend to attack this nonexistent person with an axe, but being stuck in my house with nowhere to go and no way to go there is definitely starting to get to me. It's boring and depressing here, and to make matters worse I've had Dee D. Jackson's Meteor Man (featured on the last compilation) stuck in my head for about 3 days. Who would've thought Space Disco could be so infectious? Damn you Cosmobells for introducing me to Mrs. DD Jackson's work.

Anyway, I did finish another of the several compilations I've been working on. I like to call this one Mall Madness Massacre. This cover is a bit cheap and sloppy - just like I like my women (zing). I used some teens from a poster from the movie The Outing, real photo of a mall and Jason's knife from a Friday the 13th part VIII poster with a shadow that is a bit too big for where it is in relation to the teens from The Outing poster. But, for some reason, I like it and I think it kinda works, so I'm just sticking with it.

This compilation is full of songs that are featured in a movie. Usually songs that played over opening/closing credits, but there are also some musical numbers from some award winning actresses thrown in for good measure. The layout for the tracklist is Artist (if I know who it is) - Song - Movie song was featured in.

Gene Hobson - Opening Theme from Student Bodies
Jon Mikl Thor - Walkin' In A Graveyard - Graveyard
Michael Sambello - Monster Squad - The Monster Squad
Random Task Collective - Barricade - Wasting Away
Demi Moore - Don't Look Back - One Crazy Summer
Sally Dworsky - I'll Find My Way - The Wizard
Honeymoon Suite - What Does It Take - One Crazy Summer
Magneto Jones & The Extremes - Busterburger Jingle - Hamburger: The Motion Picture
Sukeban Deka - End Credits (Not sure who does this one)
Vixen - Runnin' - Hardbodies
Annie Ross and the Renzettes - Personality - Basket Case III
Bobby Vinton - Sealed With A Kiss - All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
Jason Scheff - Life Sux 4 Me - Netherbeast Incorporated
Jennifer Connelly - Sway - Dark City Director's Cut
Jennifer Connelly - The Night Has 1,000 Eyes - Dark City Director's Cut
Tony Darrow - We Do Things My Way - Street Trash
Depeche Mode - Pimpf - Mahakaal
Executvie Koalo - End Credits (not sure who does this either)
Phoebe Cates - How Do I Let You Know - Private School
Vantage Point - Slaughterhouse - Walk Through The Door
Slaughterhouse - End Credits

As usual, some notes (in no particular order):

Gene Hobson - Opening Theme from Student Bodies

While I feel that Student Bodies failed pretty astoundingly as a comedy (horsehead book ends, that's funny?), this opening score piece is quite spooky and effective.

Jon Mikl Thor - Walkin' In A Graveyard from Graveyard

It turns out Jon Mikl Thor actually really has an excellent voice that would've made him fit right in with a deathrock band circa 1984 - if he wasn't so busy bodybuilding and exploding rubber hot water bottles with his mouth. Interesting fact: J.M. Thor has acted in 7 movies, 3 of which have the word Nightmare in the title.

Random Task Collective - Barricade from Wasting Away

Wasting Away is an unusual zombie comedy from 2007. It's been released on DVD in the UK, I recommend checking it out. This song was ripped from the end credits so it's a bit shorter than the real version, but it's still most of the way complete. It's available to download at iTunes, but being a Zune owner I don't want to download iTunes just to buy a song. This song is catchy as all hell, probably my favorite on this collection. This thing is Dee D. Jackson catchy.

Joseph Garrison (?) - Theme + Vantage Point - Walk Through The Door from Slaughterhouse

I've got a couple from Slaughterhouse here. Starting with the opening theme music. How do you lose half of your audience right off the bat? Play wacky big band music over real footage of pigs being butchered in a slaughterhouse. I'm not a vegetarian, I eat meat 3-5 times a day and have no plans of stopping, but even I found this opening scene to be in poor taste. The next song, by a group called Vantage Point is actually rather good, even though this version is the short version I ripped from the end credits. I'm not familiar with the band, but it looks like they had an entire album worth of tracks listed in the credits. If anyone has this album please share or let me know where to find it.

Depeche Mode - Pimpf from Mahakaal

This was kind of an Indian take on Freddy Krueger and the Elm Street films. Being Indian, this means the movie is 2 1/2 hours long, and has several full length musical numbers for no reason. This Depeche Mode song seems like a weird song to have in an Indian movies, it's in there because the makers of Mahakaal didn't actually have permission to include this song in the film.

Michael Sambello - Monster Squad from...well, you know
I've put Rock Until You Drop on two compilations, but I always overlook this track when I watch the move. Not sure why. It's not as fun as Rock Until You Drop, but I suck for not including this one like 5 compilations ago. If you ever wondered what King Tut era Steve Martin would sound like rapping about killing monsters, I think it'd sound a little something like this.

Jennifer Connelly - Sway + The Night Has 1,000 Eyes from Dark City

Jennifer originally performed the songs herself, but I guess producers wanted someone with a stronger voice, so they got Anita Kelsey instead. In the director's cut, Alex Proyas put Jennifer's vocals back in the film, these two short tracks are ripped from that DVD. Anita has the better voice - being a professional singer and all - but I do like Jennifer's take as well.

Demi More - Don't Look Back (Not a Boston cover) from One Crazy Summer

Apparently, pretty much any actress can sing, at least a little bit. One film studio that currently seems to really know this is Disney. It seems that any girl who has ever appeared in one of their shows gets to put out an album. Now, to prevent myself from sounding too much like a creepy weirdo I should say that I don't voluntarily watch anything Disney related, but having two little girls live in the same house as you, you're going to see a lot of Disney if you like it or not. And every one of those Disney girls has an album. Even the unpopular ones. I'm sure even Harper has one coming right around the corner.

Honeymoon Suite - What Does It Take also from One Crazy Summer

And another from the 2nd best movie ever made in which a man named Bobcat runs around in a Godzilla suit, terrifying Japanese people with his Kaiju-ian antics.

Tony Darrow - We Do Things My Way - Street Trash

This is one raunchy lounge tune, I wouldn't listen to it around anyone averse to fuck-bombs. It's also one of the rare songs where the singer "dies" during the song. The Guan-di song from My Name Is Bruce is another that comes to mind.

Vixen - Runnin' from Hardbodies
I actually found this and a couple others on a blog called Hard Rock/AOR Heaven. They have an excellent 13 volume collection of rare and hard to find music. Head on over, but plan to do some downloading.

Phoebe Cates - How Do I Let You Know from Private School

Credit to Hard Rock/AOR Heaven for this one too. I wanted to include this since I have the Demi Moore and Jennifer Connelly tracks on here as well.

Magneto Jones & The Extremes - Busterburger Jingle

I meant to put this on my very first compilation with companion piece Hamburgers For America, but I just completely forgot about it until revisiting the movie a few weeks back.

Jason Scheff - Life Sux 4 Me - Netherbeast Incorporated
This is a rather funny vampire film with Dave Foley and Judd Nelson. Check it out, the theory on why the Tortoise beat the Hare is pretty amazing.

Bobby Vinton - Sealed With A Kiss from All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

This 2006 film STILL has not officially been released in the United States - the very United States in which it was filmed. Of course any horror fan who was curious found a way to see the film way back in 2007-2008, but still, why sit on a movie for years before releasing it? While it's not a mindbending cinematic experience, Mandy Lane is more watchable than a lot of stuff that's been released theatrically in the past 3 years. At least throw the thing out on DVD advertising "featuring an actress who was in Zombieland for 120 seconds!" They'd surely make some money off of it if for no other reason than Amber Heard is really, really, not ugly. You'd be amazed how many people will watch something if they think an actor or actress in it is attractive. I've been guilty of this myself numerous times and we all know what a sophisticated, high-brow individual I am.

Annie Ross and the Renzettes - Personality from Basket Case III

How do you make a Henenlotter film weirder? Put in a musical number with Annie Ross of jazz vocal group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (she was Ross) and a bunch of deformed mutants.


pnr-status said...

Mall madness Massacre is a best horror movie and thriller too.

Anonymous said...

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Richard of DM said...

duder, this mix is fantastic! i feel like shopping all of a sudden.

Isaoinaba73e3 said...

Classic Morgue! Thanks. Kinda dig the Demi Moore track.

Anonymous said...

Masako Ishii composed Executive Koala
Ichirô Nitta composed Subekan Deka

xo - Morricone Youth

Weird Eyes said...

Wow, I was sold at Monster Swuad. Can't wait, thanks!

otto rivers said...

Great work as usual. Thanks again. ;)


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