Friday, March 12, 2010

Phelpster's Custom Covers - Vintage 80's VHS Style

I haven't posted any of my custom covers lately, but I've certainly been making them. Especially now that I'm equipped with a Canon Pixma and can print these things out at will.

Lately I've been making DVD covers based on old VHS cover designs. Sort of a "What if Vestron or Cannon were making DVDs today while still using their old cover designs?" It's kind of a pointless thing to do, but I'm sure some of you VHS art adorers will understand what I'm trying to do here.

Day of the Maniac - This is actually for Sergio Martino's film All The Colors of the Dark, under a alternate title. The VHS was put out on the Super Video label, which I'm not familiar with, but I loved the logo and the lines at the top so I had to do something with it. I know this one is a bit less than simplistic with the grunge effect and the unusually large amount of stuff on the back but I really think this one came out solid.

Yog The Space Monster - aka Space Amoeba, the cover I used for this template was Vestron's release of a film called Truck Stop Women. I dropped the Truck Stop Women art (although I did make a DVD cover for that one as well), added an awesome Yog poster and decided to leave the VHS wear marks on there.

Street Trash - I believe VTC was a UK based label, but I'm not certain. This one looks accurate enough onscreen, however my printing of it didn't come out too hot, looks more brown than gold. I still think it's a pretty sharp looking design they used for their covers, although their clamshell design was a bit nicer looking.

Silent Scream - Media has one of my favorite VHS logo screens, probably due to some Elm Street films I wore out as a kid being put out by Media.

The fun thing about these is you can also see what they might've done with a current release:


John Space said...

And the logos! The beautiful logos! You only need to add the logo videos at the beginning of the movie and there you go.

Balding Celebrities said...

The covers look awesome, you've done a very good job.

Kitsune Sniper said...

I have some VHS tapes that were never released on DVD that I intend to transfer to that sometime; I should make covers like this. You're an inspiration and a half.

Theory 77 said...

Your dedication to this is amazing..... and slightly mental. That Street Trash cover was indeed a UK one - my mum had it in here VHS store. Many thanks.

Captain Midnight said...

Totally genius and so much better than a lot of DVD covers I see now. Then again, maybe I'm just being nostalgic.

The Galaxy 6 said...

I love these. So wicked cool

Anonymous said...

These look absolutely amazing!! I love the old VHS covers of yesteryear and you've inspired me to have a go myself. Fantastic!!

Bernie said...

Total insanity.

UniversalHorror said...

Super Video was started by producer Sam Sherman, one of the founders of Independent-International Pictures (along with Al Adamson), and was primarily created to distribute IIP's film library on home video at the time. Many of the IIP titles released on DVD to this day have simply been mastered from Sam Sherman's original video masters created back in the 80's...which is why practically none of them look as good as they SHOULD for DVD.

Lee said...

Great Blog

BTW, just thought you might want to know that STREET TRASH was never released on VTC video.
VTC were a 'pre-cert' company (i.e, before the 1984 video recording act)
STREET TRASH was released in the the UK about 1986-87 on the AVATAR label


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