Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rozz Williams - Pig

Rozz Williams' music from the experimental short film Pig. In addition to acting in the film he also co-wrote and directed it with filmmaker Nico B.
  1. The Apartment
  2. Desert
  3. Abandoned House
  4. Why God Permits Evil
  5. Why God Permits Evil Part 2
  6. The Conversation
  7. Death

I snatched this one from Cinemaggedon, so thanks to the original uploader for making this available.


Captain Midnight said...

This is seriously great! I love Rozz WIlliams. Christian Death's "Only Theater of Pain" is one of my desert island discs. Thanks!

Captain Midnight said...

I gave it a listen. It sounds nothing like Christian Death, which I found surprising. I reminded me of Current 93's dark ambient stuff from the mid-1980's, like "Live at Bar Maldoror"

VJESCI said...

Richard said...

It's in FLAC...AWESOME! Thanks!


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