Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bruce Campbell - Soup Tycoon

To honor Bruce Campbell's 52nd Birthday (which was yesterday, ooops) Sci-Fi Wire has whipped up some batches of Bruce Campbell's Soup. Okay, so they've actually just whipped up some fake labels for you to print out and put on soup cans at your house. Or as a gag - and waste of ink and photo paper - swing by your local grocer and confuse some housewife who didn't realize the Campbell soup guy's first name was Bruce.

Of course, the Bruce Campbell's soup idea has been around since whenever they made that crazy ass Captain Supermarket poster, but they a pretty spectacular job so it's okay. Plus how can you not like the idea of soups called Gumbo Ho Tep and Bisque o' County Jr?

Honestly, as a total dork, a big BC fan (Bruce Campbell, not the comic strip), a practicing graphic designer, and a guy who saw the poster years ago I'm disappointed in myself for doing these already myself. What was I thinking?!

1 comment:

Phil said...

Man, I wish I saw this before. Missed old dude's birthday. Happy Belated, Bruce.

By the way, those labels are totally awesome.


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