Sunday, June 20, 2010

Turkaor Soundtrack Series Vol. 1

I recently received a comment from a visitor by the name of Turkaor and in this comment Turk left a link for something called Turkaor Soundtrack Series Vol. 1. I'm a pretty curious dude so I checked it out and it's similar to some of my comps, probably more like the soundtrack sharing posts over at Hard Rock/AOR Heaven. I've gotta say, this thing rules. For example:

1. Megadeth - Crush 'em [Universal Soldier The Return]
2. Scorpions - Hit Between the Eyes [Free Jack]
3. Jeff Scott Soto - Renegade [Bad Jim] - Yngwie called, he wants his singer back.
4. Starship - We Dream in Color [Baywatch]
5. Chris Thompson - The Runner [The Philadelphia Experiment]
6. Mike Rutherford - Making a Big Mistake [Against All Odds]
7. Gary Chapman - Brave Hearts [Ernest Goes to Camp]
8. Mark Boals - Restless Heart [White Water Summer]
9. Michael Been - World on Fire [Light Sleeper](Other Version)
10. Alice COoper - I Am The Future [Class of '84]
11. James House - Born to Race [Speed Zone]
12. Steve McClintock - Maybe Love [Jetsons The Movie]
13. Eric Serra - Guns and People [Subway]
14. Melissa Manchester - Thief of Hearts [Thieft of Hearts]
15. Craig Safan - Never Crossed My Mind [The Last Starfighter]
16. Dwight Twilley - Girls [Sexy Shorts]
17. Dreamers - Kids These Days [Spring Break]
18. The Replacements - Bastards of Young [Adventureland]
19. Raymond Lam - Insufficient Love [Moonlight Resonance]
20. Laura Branigan & Joe Esposito - Come Into My Life [Coming to America]
21. Chris Thompson - Blinded by the Light [Florida Lady]
22. Desmond Child & Rouge - The Night Was Not [Times Square]
23. Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night [The Challengers]
24. Frank Carillo & Annie Golden - Waiting for Someone [Prelude to a Kiss]
25. Sara Hichman - Sensitive to Light [Arachnophobia]

See. Turk didn't say if he wanted me to share this or not, but I assume so since he sent me the link, so here is the link:

Thanks Turk, if you're out there. I - and I'm sure everyone else would love to see several more Soundtrack Series Volumes from you.


Turkaor said...

hi M.morgue of course you can publish them your blog I will post 6-7 serie rare and unreleased soundtracks ...usually aor rock tracks in fact I listen different things too inflames ,children of bodom amorphis paradise lost ..anyway new series coming up ....

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog and great compilation. Girls and Thief of Hearts ran short on me, which is a shame, as they're two of the better songs. Thought I'd bring this to your attention in case it's not just me.

Anonymous said...

Please fix link!


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