Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cutie Honey Song Collection Special

I'm having a bitch of a time finding information about this release that is in English, but basically it's a compilation of music from several different incarnations of Cutie Honey.

And the back cover featuring some oddly proportioned cartoon bossoms:

01. Cutey Honey Theme 2:19
02. Yogiri no Honey 3:05
03. New Cutey Honey Theme 2:46
04. Circle Game -Chanson d'amour- 3:57
05. New Cutey Honey Theme v2 3:07
06. BURNING UP! 3:42
07. Rendez-vous in Space - rendez-vous à l'univers sputnik 002-mix 4:25
08. Cutie Honey (English ver.) 3:00
09. Legend of Good-Bye 4:57
10. Cutie Honey Flash Theme 1:57
11. Ashita no Door ~The Theme of KISARAGI HONEY~ 3:23
12. Mayou naka no denwa 4:30
13. TRUE LOVE 3:44
14. Yogiri no Honey 3:17
15. Hoshi ni nare 3:06
16. Hajimaru no shunkan 4:37
17. Tragic Emblem ~The Theme of MISTY HONEY~ 4:45
18. Anata Ni Todoketai 5:35
19. Kitto VICTORY! ~The Theme of CUTIE HONEY~ 3:50
20. Cutie Honey ~Club Style~ 4:19


Scumbalina said...

Happy anniversary and THANK YOU for this and all of the other wonderful things you've posted over the years. This I'm especially happy to see. I came very close to buying it for myself last Christmas but couldn't bring myself to spend $30 on a used copy. Thanks a bunch!

Vegas said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't tell you how much I love your blog, so thanks for the four years of wonderful posts!

Crankenstien said...

Congrats,I'm a big fan of this podcast

Anonymous said...

How can i download this?


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