Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night of the Demons - New Trailer at BD

I might've posted something Night of the Demons remake trailer related before, but a brand new trailer is up at Bloody Disgusting.

I personally love Night of the Demons 1 and 2 - just watched them this past week actually. And I always enjoy movies where a bunch of party goers are trapped and demons/zombies/radioactive blind people show up and effectively poop the party, so I'm actually quite excited about checking this one out. From the trailer it looks loud, ridiculous, and what's the word I'm looking for....Awesome? Yeah, that's it.

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J. Astro said...

Agreed, dude - this looks like an appropriately amped-up take on the original and I'm happy that they seem to have loaded up on the sex & gore, because the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS legacy doesn't need to be fouled up by any of that high-falutin' "subtlety" shit. I just wanna party with a movie like this, not think deep thoughts.


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