Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sodomatik Volume 1 - The Extreme Mega-Gore Mixtape

I wanted to point some of the gorehounds who visit this site in the direction of Sodomatik. Sodomatik Volume 1 is a relentlessly violent gore mixtape, sure to exhilarate the mind and churn your bowels. It's kind of a greatest hits of grue, if you will.

Here's a sort of chapter list of the featured scenes (that's why some of the titles are repeated):
Satanico Pandemonium, Suicide Club, Pieces, Suicide Club, The Nutbag, New York Ripper, Pieces, New York Ripper, Schramm, May, Premutos, Death Smiled at Murder, Pieces, Pieces, Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine, House of Blood, Premutos, Premutos, New York Ripper, Suicide Club, House of Blood, Splatter : Naked Blood, The Reflecting Skin, The Nutbag, House of Blood, Evil Ed, The Nutbag, Suspiria, Phantom of Death, Nutbag, Cutting Moments, The Reflecting Skin, Phantom of Death, Splatter : Naked Blood, Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine, Dont't Torture a Duckling, The House by the Cemetery, The House by the Cemetery, Scrapbook, Thriller : One Eye, Premutos, Mother of Tears, Gummo, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Dead of Alive, Mother of Tears, A Blade in the Dark, Mother of Tears, The Toolbox Murders, Thriller : One Eye, Another Day in Paradise, The Beyond, Another Day in Paradise, The Beyond, The Beyond, Suicide, Guinea Pig : FOFAB, Angst, Murder Set Pieces, Home Sick, Entrails oF A Beautiful Woman, Aftermath, FOr Your Height Only, Guinea Pig : Devi's Experiment, Guinea Pig : He Never Dies, Aswang, Guinea Pig : Murmaid in a Manhole, Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, High Tension, The City of the Living Dead, Gore Gore Girls, City of the Living Dead, The Grapes of Death, Gore Gore Girls, Ken Park, The Burning, Snuff Perversions 2, Violent Shit 3, Slumber Party Massacre 2, The Burning, Nightbeast, Phenomena, Philosphy of a Knife, Nekromantik 2, Massacro, Horrible, Faceless, Fantom Kiler, Evil Dead Trap, Bay of Blood, August Underground, August Underground's Mordum, August Underground's Penance, Blutiger Freitag, Deadbeat at Dawn, Autopsy, Dust Devil, The Killer Must Kill Again, Street Fighter, Bloodfeast 2, Opera, Brain Damage, Clean Shaven, Strip Nude For Your Killer, Mr. Lonely.

Things to watch for:
Polish Roulette
Knife & Fork Eyeballectomy
Chainsaw (Chain saw) Evisceration
Hammer Smashed Face
Michele Soavi getting gross out by future Regurgitate album cover
Disgorged Duodenum

Fans of extreme gore interested in checking it out, go to Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart. There is some fun gore from stuff like Brain Damage or Pieces, but this thing gets pretty fucking gross. Check it out!


snk429 said...

thanks for posting this man.

yeah vol 2 will be ready in a few weeks! it's even better!

Aylmer said...

Yeah, this is a satisfying grue compilation. This one's pretty amusing too:

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