Sunday, November 07, 2010

Topps Presents Dinosaurs Attack!

Don't think I've ever posted a trading card series before. So here's Topps' Dinosaurs Attack! series. I remember when these cards came out, I'd get so excited every time my mom was making a run to the High's down the street because I knew I could tag along and get her to buy a pack of Dinosaurs Attack.

These came out in 1988, so I was like 7-8 when I was into them. At the time I lived for dinosaurs and gruesome (well, Freddy gruesome, not Sodomatik gruesome) scary movies so combining the two was the greatest thing I'd ever heard of at the time. Of course, if I had heard of the movie Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds back then I very well might've shit.

So, the link below includes all cards front and back, plus the stickers and the checklist in one CBR file for viewing ease. Credit goes out to the original scanner of the cards. But first, some highlights:

Dinosaurs, attack!


The Fiji Mermaid said...

Phelpster, I still have a ton of these cards. Most of them in plastic protector covers.

phelpster said...

Cool, I've almost bought a box on eBay a couple of times but I've always talked myself out of it. You can find boxes of 36 packs for like $8, but the shipping is usually almost as much.

Since this was a late 80's Topps set, do you remember if the packages came with that hard piece of gum?

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Yeah I hear you, $16 is just on that edge of being to much for what these are, even though they are pretty cool.

I can't recall if they came with gum or not, seemed like most of the Topps cards of this type came with it, but I can't remember.

Aylmer said...

I loved these when they were around. If I remember right, the two guys in the foreground of the "Comics Con Catastrophe" card are the artists that did these, or maybe some of their colleagues.

Phone Sex said...

Nice post.this is good collection of Pschyco.Horror and mind game.

Phone Sex said...

Blog is informative and impressive same time.

BioMX said...

I actually have this whole set. I bought mine in a card shop back in 1992. You do realize that the first in the ATTACKS! series was none other than Mars Attacks! :D

- Bio


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