Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yaphet Kotto Week - Luchi De Jesus - Friday Foster

A few months back Manchester Morgue joined forces with several fellow blogs to honor Linda Blair with Blair Week - a week-long retrospective of her acting career. This week we're back to honor another legendary actor. His name is Yaphet Kotto.

Yaphet Kotto is someone many probably don't know by name, but most people have surely seen the man in one of the absolute shit-ton of films he's been in. Live and Let Die, Truck Turner, Alien, The Running Man, Freddy's Dead just to name a few. I'm sure pretty much everyone in the world has seen at least one of those movies, therefore everyone has seen Yaphet Kotto.

My contribution to Kotto Week is Luchi De Jesus' soundtrack from Friday Foster, the 1975 Arthur "Detroit 9000" Marks film featuring Pam Grier and the man of the week Yaphet Kotto.

1. Friday Foster - Main Title (02:18)
performed by Ward L. Chandler
2. Friday/Getting Set (01:42)
3. The Assassins/The Pidgeon/Hit (00:45)
4. Mackin/Fancy Pants/Glad Rags (02:06)
5. Skin City (02:52)
6. Don't Drop The Soap/Final Solution (02:21)
7. Hasty Exit/Wheels/Cat and Mouse/Spider and Fly (03:09)
8. Be Gay (01:28)
9. Position #69 (01:37)
10. Black Widow (01:00)
11. Be Shait/Jericho/Super Man (01:43)
12. WW III (01:47)
13. Friday - End Titles (00:49)

Thank God - It's Friday!

Here's the schedule for the rest of the posts on other blogs throughout this week. Be sure to pay the rest of these blogs a visit, they're all pretty awesome:

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100% fresh Yaphet Kotto all week long.
To participate in similar events in the future contact me at Lost Video Archive


foxhack said...

I remember him.

I remember being scared of him in some movies, and wishing he was a long lost uncle in another.

He was one hell of an actor.

The Goodkind said...

Kotto was awesome in this movie, the rest of it, with the exception of Julius Harris was pretty lackluster. I am looking forward to listening to this ST though.

raculfright_13 said...

Downloading the album now ^_^ Never seen Friday Foster but I will soon.

Anonymous said...

You have to see him as super-smart pimp Harvard Blue in "Truck Turner" with Isaac Hayes. Amazing flick.

Aylmer said...

Nice one. And thanks for posting the Forbidden World OST and all of the Deep Red's. I ebayed all of mine years ago, so it'll be nostalgic to see 'em again. Rest in Pieces Chas...

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