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New This Week 12.10.13

4 Cult Movie Marathon, Volume 1, featuring the following films spread over two discs:
INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS – 1973/Color/R/85 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)/Dolby Digital Mono

A special state investigator is sent to a small California town to investigate the mysterious death of a physicist. More deaths occur and it soon appears that the victims -- all male -- are dying from excessive sexual activity, resulting in a massive coronary. William Smith (Angels Die Hard), Anitra Ford (The Big Bird Cage) and Victoria Vetri (When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth) star.

THE DEVIL’S 8 – 1969/Color/R/97 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)/Dolby Digital Mono

A federal agent helps six convicts escape from a chain gang in order to use them in his war on a moonshine ring. Christopher George (Grizzly), Fabian (Thunder Alley), Larry Bishop (Kill Bill Vol. 2) and Ralph Meeker (Kiss Me Deadly) star in this two-fisted actioner.

UNHOLY ROLLERS – 1972/Color/R/88 minutes/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono

A beautiful young woman joins a roller derby team, but her fierce independence and competitive spirit get her into trouble. Starring Claudia Jennings (Gator Bait), Alan Vint (Macon County Line), Roberta Collins (Death Race 2000) and Candice Roman (The Big Bird Cage), Unholy Rollers rules!

VICIOUS LIPS – 1986/Color/R/80 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)/Dolby Digital Mono

When a talented all-girl band from outer space attempts to enter a huge talent contest, their road to success is blocked by everything from psycho killers to comets! From director Albert Pyun (Cyborg), Vicious Lips stars Linda Kerridge (Fade To Black) and Gina Calabrese (Ragewar).


4 Cult Movie Marathon, Volume 2 - A second volume of cult films spread over two discs:

ANGELS FROM HELL – 1968/Color/R/86 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)/Dolby Digital Mono

Cycle-psychos vs. the cops! A Vietnam war hero returns home and decides to build the ultimate outlaw biker gang. A war between the gang and the police is about to erupt!

CHATTERBOX – 1976/Color/R/76 minutes/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono

From the director of Hell Night and The Concrete Jungle comes a tale of a starlet whose life and career are severely altered when her reproductive organs begin to sing and talk. Starring Candice Rialson (Candy Stripe Nurses) and Rip Taylor!

THE NAKED CAGE – 1986/Color/R/97 minutes/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono

Michelle and Rita are arrested for theft and placed in the same cell. Their conflicts and personality clashes lead to screaming battles and cat fights before a prison riot brings deadly violence and a newfound respect for each other. Shari Shattuck (Arena) and Angel Tompkins (The Teacher) star.

SAVAGE ISLAND – 1985/Color/R/90 minutes/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono

A group of scantily-clad female prisoners sentenced to work under brutal conditions in a South American mine revolt against their captors with the aid of a band of jewel thieves. Linda Blair (Chained Heat), Leon Askin (Hogan’s Heroes) and Ajita Wilson (Hell Penitentiary) star.


And from Scream Factory comes what I hope is the first of many TV Terrors double features. This first volume contains:

- Initiation of Sarah, The (1978)
- Are You in the House Alone? (1978)

When Sarah, A young college freshman, joins a sorority to fit in with the popular kids, she encounters one problem: this sorority is run by a witch who knows that Sarah has supernatural powers. The witch encourages her to use her latent psychic powers to get revenge on her rivals…thus begins THE INITIATION OF SARAH. The all-star cast includes Kay Lenz (Moving Violation), Morgan Brittany (Dallas), Morgan Fairchild (The Seduction), Shelley Winters (The Poseidon Adventure), Kathryn Crosby (The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad), Tony Bill (Shampoo) and Tisa Farrow (Zombie).

A beautiful high school student becomes the target of a campaign of terror and eventually becomes the victim of an attack and mental torture in ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE?. Kathleen Beller (Dynasty), Dennis Quaid (Dreamscape), Blythe Danner (Future World), Tony Bill (Shampoo) and (Phantom Of The Paradise) star in this iconic and terrifying thriller.

Scream Factory

Acclaimed producer Albert Zugsmith (TOUCH OF EVIL, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN) crafted some of the strangest and most unlikely exploitation films of the 60s. Vinegar Syndrome presents the blu-ray debut of two of his rarest works:

Cult filmmaker Russ Meyer takes on directorial duties in Zugsmith’s adaptation of the notorious erotic classic Fanny Hill. Set in pre-Victorian London, young Fanny finds herself taken in by a madame at one of the city’s most elite brothels. A strange mix of Zugsmith’s surreal slapstick and Meyer’s trademark buxom beauties and thoughtful satire, FANNY HILL is an over-the-top saga of low-rent thrills in high-brow settings.

Zugsmith’s mind-numbing blend of surrealism and slapstick comedy done as a self-aware parody of westerns stars Troy Donohue as Phil P. Phillips, fresh out of divinity school and living in the frontier town of Yucca Flats. When a gang of seven criminals take the town hostage, it’s up to Phil to save the village, or die trying, again and again…

Both films have been restored from their original negatives and are being offered on DVD and Blu-ray fully uncut for the first time!
FANNY HILL: Directed by Russ Meyer
1964 | B&W | 105min | AR 1.85:1
THE PHANTOM GUNSLINGER: Directed by Albert Zugsmith
1967 | Color | 100min | AR 1.85:1
Bonus Features:
+ 3 Disc Combo (1 Blu-ray (BD-50) & 2 DVDs) | Region Free | 1.85:1 AR | DTS-HD Master Audio
+ Restored in 2K from 35mm original camera negative
+ “The Zugsmith Connection” featurette with FANNY HILL star Ulli Lomell
+ Interview with film historian Eric Schaefer + Reversible cover art for THE PHANTOM GUNSLINGER

Grab a copy directly from Vinegar Syndrome or get it from Diabolik

Also from VS, on DVD only is Wakefield Poole's Bible!

From acclaimed erotic filmmaker, Wakefield Poole, comes The Bible, like you’ve never seen it before!

The stories of Adam & Eve, Bath Sheba and Samson & Delilah are given sexual twists in this visually stunning and sensually charged masterpiece of the erotic avant-garde.
Featuring Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones), Gloria Grant and Bo White, Wakefield Poole’s BIBLE comes to home video for the first time fully restored from the original negative and loaded with extra features.

BIBLE, Directed by Wakefield Poole
1973 | 76 minutes | Color | 1.33:1
Features Include:
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k
+ Director’s Audio Commentary + Director’s Introduction
+ Theatrical Trailer + Interview with Actress Georgina Spelvin
+ Interview with Actress Gloria Grant
+ Screen Tests & Still Gallery

Get it from Vinegar Syndrome or Diabolik.

Silent Night, Bloody Night was just put out by Code Red not too long ago (in a double feature with Invasion of the Blood Farmers), but a company called Film Chest has just released their own DVD with a HD transfer newly restored from 35mm elements. This release comes with a lower price tag than the Code Red disc, although the Code Red does include bonus materials and an entire other movie, so it might be worth the few extra dollars to grab that one instead.

You can pick this one up here.

Mondo Macabro comes The Snake God (Il Dio Serpente) from director Piero Vivarelli (who was one of the several people credited with writing Django).

Abandoned by her rich industrialist husband on a remote Caribbean estate, Paola befriends Stella, a beautiful local girl who is an adept of a hidden voodoo cult. The two women become inseparable, sharing their most intimate secrets. All goes well until Paola demands that Stella take her to one of the voodoo ceremonies that she attends every week. There Paola falls under the spell of Djamballa, the powerful snake god, from whose magic there is no escape.
Bonus Features:

  • Interview With Director
  • Production notes
  • Trailer
Get it now.

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