Thursday, December 05, 2013

New Trailer For Nurse - In 3-D For No Apparent Reason

Looks like Douglas Aarniokoski's film Nurse 3D is finally set to come out February 7th of next year on VOD and will also receive a limited theatrical run.

This movie's release has been a long time coming, I read about it in Maxim the last time Katrina Bowden was on the cover, which was well over a year ago (the issue also mentioned "the upcoming Piranha 3DD", to give you some idea of how long ago that was). Glad to see it's finally coming out, I always liked Katrina on 30 Rock and she was one of the very few bright spots of Piranha 3DD. Check out the trailer below and try to figure out why this movie is in 3D,

And for no reason other than the fact that I like her face here's Katrina Bowden

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