Friday, December 13, 2013

Scream Factory Acquires Evilspeak & Final Exam From Code Red

A couple of very interesting announcements today from Scream Factory, it looks like they've managed to acquire a couple of previously released (on DVD only) Code Red titles and have plans to release them on Blu-ray next year. So, this summer be on the lookout for Scream's releases of Evilspeak and Final Exam!

Hopefully this deal goes well and Scream is able to get more stuff from Code Red, I'd love a Blu-ray release of Retribution.


From Facebook:

Fans of early 80s school-themed horror films are in luck with this news. 1981's college campus slasher film FINAL EXAM and 1982's satanic revenge epic EVILSPEAK (starring Clint Howard) will both be making their debuts on Blu-ray both for the first time this Summer!

These titles have been with Code Red - another long-time cult film home entertainment company - for some time and we are pleased that we were able to make a deal with them for these two guilty pleasures.

Expect the same extras that were on the prior Code Red DVD releases to be imported over. More details on street date and if any more extras are planned will be revealed in the new year.

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