Wednesday, March 05, 2014

4 New Titles Just Released By Code Red

Here's something we haven't seen for a couple of months, a brand new batch of new releases from Code Red! No horror this time, but Death Machines promises "zombie assassins" and Foxbat promises Henry Silva, so that's good enough for me.

These are all listed as preorders, but each title has this message:


So it shouldn't be more than a week before Bill has the new titles in stock and starts shipping them out.

Up first Foxbat:

There is an international race to obtain blueprints of a MIG-25 "Foxbat" Soviet fighter plane which has landed in Japan. An undercover U.S. spy Saxon (Henry Silva, JOHNNY COOL, TRAPPED) has managed to take photos of the jet plans with a camera hidden in his left eyeball and now must get the microfilm back to his country. There are competing representatives from many countries trying to do the same thing to, and at one point there is even a super-secret auction of the plans. The KGB is not taking this situation sitting down, and agents are dispatched to destroy the plans and anyone who has them. The search and destroy mission action moves from Tokyo to Hong Kong, as the US agent attempts to contact a man who can arrange for the proper delivery of the microfilm. Inspired by a true story, this action-adventure thriller was talk of Cannes festival in 1977 as it has a very high budget for a independent Hong Kong film. Vonetta McGee (EIGER SANCTION), Rik Van Nutter (THUNDERBALL) and Roy Chiao (GAME OF DEATH) co-stars. Directed by Po-Chih Leong (CABIN BY THE LAKE)!
103min /UNRATED/ 1977/ 1.78.1 (16X9)

- Audio commentary with director/writer Po-Chih Leong
- Brand New transfer from 35mm IP
- Overseas video trailer for Foxbat
- Deleted scenes

Preorder today


Death Of Bruce Lee (AKA Black Dragon's Revenge) (1975) Black Dragon's Revenge, like many films that came out of Hong Kong after Bruce Lee's death looks at the speculation over the cause of Lee's death coupled with the vows of several of Bruce's disciples to avenge his alleged murder. Charles Bonet (DEATH PROMISE) co-stars.
- BRAND NEW 2.35.1 (16x9) Transfer from 35mm Negatives
- Black Dragon's Revenge Trailer

Black Dragon
Upon arriving in Hong Kong, Ron Van Clief, playing a country lad, is victimized by ruthless drug dealers. In retribution, he teams with an undercover narc to thwart the villains. Also starring Jason Pai Pow and Jorge Estraga.
- Brand New 1.85 (16x9) transfer from only surviving 35mm print
- Black Dragon trailer

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HOT off the heel from the best selling amazon's Apprehensive Films DVD-R classic, COMES A LEGIT RELEASE LICENSED FROM THE RIGHTS OWNERS!

Filthy rich landlords get away with murder, now it's time they pay for it!

This is classic kung-fu action! Revenge is on the plate and Charles Bonet is here to serve. When Bonet's father is murdered by typical street scum, the catalyst is set. It turns out the landlord had Bonet's father snubbed out in order to demolish one of his slum houses. Bonet is now out for street justice. But first he must get his martial arts skills up to par and recruit a couple of ass-kicking partners. This is one wild kung-fu film that wears it's cult charm on it's sleave!

- Brand new transfer from 35mm Negatives.
- Death promise trailer

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Michael Chong, Ron Marchini - Director: Paul Kyriazi Nothing and nobody can stop them! Three martial artists with are injected with the evil Dragon Lady's serum that turns them into zombie assassins to be sent out against her enemies.

- Audio commentary by director Paul Kyriazi
- Brand new 2.35.1 (16x9) from 35mm CRI

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