Friday, March 28, 2014

Without Warning Coming This August!

Scream Factory promised a big new title announcement for today and they've delivered. This August Greydon Clark's Without Warning will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in the US. I've never seen this one, but it seems to be a pretty sought after title. I'm looking forward to this one - I've enjoyed a lot of Greydon's stuff like Satan's Cheerleaders, Joysticks, Angel's Brigade and Final Justice - those last two were featured on a couple of my favorite MST3K episodes.

I believe this must be old artwork, although I've never seen this poster before myself. Either way, I think this is the best artwork of any Scream Factory release so far, old or new.


We are very thrilled to report that we are bringing Greydon Clark’s 1980 alien/slasher cult classic WITHOUT WARNING to DVD & Blu-ray for the first time this August!

This long-overdue release has been requested several times since we started the brand so we know many of you just jumped for joy. (We're jumping too!) What makes this even more exciting is that this title has never been released on ANY home entertainment format in the U.S. or Canada (and is often bootlegged as some of you can attest to) so to be able to bring this out period is a feat in itself.

No further details to report back at this time but we'll keep you posted on developments in a few months. The artwork you see - which uses the original theatrical poster - is final.(However, the flipside will have the other poster art some of you may remember with a girl running from flying alien discs.)

Our "Summer of Fear" release slate is now completel. Starting in May, the mayhem includes:

Final Exam
House in the Alley
Sleepaway Camp (Collector's Edition)

The Monkey's Paw

The Final Terror
Lake Placid (Collector's Edition)
Deadly Eyes
Ginger Snaps (Collector's Edition)

Phantom of the Paradise (Collector's Edition)
Motel Hell (Collector's Edition)
The Legend of Hell House
Dog Soldiers (Collector's Edition)
Without Warning

Note: We are still working on trying bring HELLHOLE back into the mix too after pulling it for film element issues. We'll keep you posted but this one has been putting us through some “hell” of sorts.

For fans itching for further title announcements, we’re going to be a little quiet for awhile (at least a month) so please be patient. We have several more tricks up our sleeves!

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