Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phantasm: RaVager Teaser Trailer!

Just a couple of days ago it was announced by Don Coscarelli that not only will there be a fifth Phantasm film, but that principal photography had already wrapped, so there technically already is a fifth Phantasm film.  Now today we already have a trailer, which you can find below.

I'm personally very excited about this, but I'm also finding myself a bit annoyed by how fans on the internet are reacting. We've been waiting years for a new Phantasm, and now that we finally get a new one - with Angus Scrimm, no less - instead of being excited I'm seeing a lot of fans (Phans?) allover the internet up in arms because Don passed directing duties on to his friend David Hartman, who he co-wrote the film with. Sure, we'd all prefer it if Don had directed it, but he didn't, and I've seen several people who are saying they refuse to watch a non-Don directed Phantasm. To me that seems like a dumb reason to immediately write a movie off. All I know is that Don had a hand in writing and producing it and it certainly seems like this Hartman guy did his homework, because this sure as hell looks and feels like a Phantasm film:

1 comment:

Alvin Brickrock said...

To hell with the haters - I can't wait for this ! Your right it looks like PHANTASM. It's great to see Reggie & Angus.


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