Monday, July 21, 2014

Night Train To Terror 7" Soundtrack Coming This Fall

Vinegar Syndrome has just announced their first soundtrack release, a collaboration with label No Visible Scars on a 7" release of music from Night Train To Terror. Night Train is my favorite thing VS has released so far, so I'm certainly going to have to pick this up:

A co-production from Vinegar Syndrome and local label No Visible Scars (, these 7" should be arriving late September/early October, possibly earlier. Depending on how well these do, we may do some bigger and better soundtracks from the archive as well!

Be sure to visit the No Visible Scars bandcamp, there's some pretty interesting stuff on there, and a lot of the albums are free to download. I recommend the Abazagorath album, that one isn't free but it's a pretty solid release that's worth a listen, if only to say you've listened to a black metal band from New Jersey.


Kevin Miller said...

Come on and dance with me, dance with me!

Thomas Vaultonburg said...

Watching it now on Drive-In Classics.


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