Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vinegar Syndrome Redesigns Site And Announces September Releases

Earlier this week Vinegar Syndrome finished revamping their site to make it better... stronger... faster. It's a lot swankier and more official looking now, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already. They also have added their September 9th release line-up which can be found here. And, if you want all four of the September releases they've been awesome enough to offer up this bundle, which saves you about $25 off the regular price. Between the Code Red blu-ray bundle and now this, I'm hoping more companies start offering up discounted packs of their new releases.

I'm most excited about Graduation Day, which I've seen but do not remember at all, so it'll be like a new movie for me. All I remember is that Vanna White is in it, that's literally it.

It's understandable since I think her part was pretty small, but it's kind of a shame they couldn't get Vanna to participate in any extra features. She was in this and two years later she started her 6,000 episode Wheel of Fortune sentence, she's probably too busy touching screens when contestants yell out letters to do an interview.

After the death of a high school track star during a race, a mysterious, fencing-mask wearing killer begins murdering her friends and teachers. Who could the killer be? Her disgruntled coach? Her angry sister? Her violent boyfriend? As the bodies pile up, a twisted mystery unfolds, slowly revealing itself as it moves towards its bloody climax. One of the quintessential high school set slasher films of the early 80s, Vinegar Syndrome is bringing GRADUATION DAY to blu-ray, newly restored in 4K and presented in its original aspect ratio for the very first time!
Director: Herb Freed
96 minutes / 1981 / Color / 1.85:1
Features Include:
+ Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack
+ 4K Restoration from the Editor’s 35mm Answer Print + Video interview with Director Herb Freed
+ Video interview with Star Patch Mackenzie
+ Video interview with Producer David Baughn
+ Video interview with Editor Martin Sadoff
+ Commentary track with Producer David Baughn
+ Commentary track with The Hysteria Continues (link)
+ Original Theatrical Trailer

In Bob Chinn’s big budget mix of X rated war epic and Nazisploitation, John Holmes stars as an American G.I. who gets marooned on a tropical island after his ship is bombed. There he discovers a small Nazi outpost which has kidnapped a beautiful American nurse. Determined to save her, he slowly begins to infiltrate the Nazi compound.
Also starring Seka, in one of her first roles, and beautiful Jade Wong, PRISONER OF PARADISE remains one of director Bob Chinn’s crowning achievements.
Director: Bob Chinn
78min / Color / 1.85:1 OAR
Features Include:
+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm Negatives
+ Original theatrical trailer
+ Caribbean Films Promo Trailers

Mai Lin vs. Serena/Oriental Hawaii - No synopsis for either of these up on the site yet, but here are the features:

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm Original Camera Negatives
+ Original theatrical trailers for both films

Cry For Cindy/Touch Me/Act of Confession - Also no real details on any of these films on their site yet other than the fact that Anthony Spinelli directed all of them, but here are the features:

+ 2 Disc DVD Set | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic + 4:3 | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm and 16mm elements
+ Includes feature length softcore version of CRY FOR CINDY

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