Friday, July 18, 2014

Rifftrax Invites You To The Last Slumber Party

In Rifftrax's latest VOD release Mike, Kevin and Bill are taking on the legendarily bad 1988 SOV slasher film The Last Slumber Party from director/maniac Stephen Tyler. Attack of the Puppet People, Terror at Tenkiller, and now this, I am loving these horror VOD releases and hope they keep cranking them out. I'd love to see them do The Dungeonmaster. I watched that one earlier in the week while drunk (a rare occurrence for me - I'm a 3 beers once a year drunk) and nearly pissed myself laughing at my own jokes, I'd love to hear what the professionals could do with that one.

Anyway, more on The Last Slumber Party:

Slumber parties! What could be more terrifying?? Thrill as a rented movie is watched! Chill as a boy someone likes is called and hung up on!! Squirm as ice cream is devoured directly from the container!!!
OK, maybe slumber parties are not actually that terrifying. The one featured in The Last Slumber Party, despite the presence of a scalpel toting psychopath is no exception to this rule. This is because any hint of terror that might arise from the idea of high schoolers being murdered is completely negated by the VHS video quality, amateur sound, and baffling dialogue such as “Who’d you think it was, Shelley Hack?”

It’s the last day of school, and one thing is on everyone’s mind: whether or not they are talking to Shelley Hack. In order to solve this problem, they gather at a friend’s house, where the oblivious parents fail to notice that the boys sneaking in and out of the house are in fact d-bags. All is good and stupid until an escaped lobotomy patient shows up and instantly becomes the most intelligent, well-mannered character in the movie.

The fashion is 80s, the soundtrack is hair metal, the poster on the wall is inexplicably of Sesame Street, and the Shelley Hack references are more abundant than every other RiffTrax we’ve ever done combined. Slip into your footie pajamas and join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for The Last Slumber Party!

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