Friday, October 27, 2017

Famous Monsters Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up Handbook - Skull

Halloween is only a few days away now, and I'm sure some of you might not have a costume idea yet. You're in luck, upon cleaning up my computer I came across the awesome Famous Monsters Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up Handbook From 1965 featuring several cool make-up ideas you should be able to whip up using a few inexpensive products that you might even have at home already. Everyone has a bald cap or two lying around, right?

I'm way too much of a social awkward weirdo to actually dress up or go to parties, so my Halloweens usually involve me working to avoid having to act normal and give small people treats, but I might give a few of these a shot myself. Of course, the makeup in the magazine was created by Dick Smith, so mine probably won't quite be up to snuff with a legendary make-up artist.

I'll post more of them later, but for now, probably the best looking of the easier ones is the Skull:

I'd upload the whole issue, but I've been out of it for so long I don't even know what sites to even use anymore. If anyone wants it, let me know where to upload it and I'll take care of it.

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I'd love to have this whole thing. You can post to


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