Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Halloween Moviethon Day 3: Part II - Satan's Bed

Batas Impian Ranjang Setan aka Satan's Bed - Time to get weird here. This is not the Yoko Ono film released by Something Weird, this is an Indonesian rip-off of Nightmare on Elm Street from 1986 that halfway through gets bored and decides to go Poltergeist on us instead. This is by all counts an undeniably bad movie, but I actually really liked it. There's plenty of dull stretches, especially in the first half, but once it gets going it's pretty rewarding for fans of tacky, absurd crap. There's actually a pretty spooky atmosphere here, good - though probably swiped from better movies - music and cheap, but frequently hilarious special effects. Have you seen ever a third rate Freddy Krueger and a sexy Dutch lady pull their own heads off and throw them at a shaman? I have.

Al Lewis is The Joker as Leatherface in Al Adamson's Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Things to watch for:
  • The "Freddy" character here, who is in fact "The Devil", looks like a papier-mâché Leatherface.
  • The spooky Tina in a body bag scene shows up here, though in this she's called Nina and she looks more like a cellophane wrapped gift basket than a dead body from a morgue.
  • Exploding coffins and levitating skeletons.
  • The dolls behind this girl's bed were far creepier than anything here that was intended to be creepy:

Addams Family Season 1 Episode 7: Halloween with the Addams Family - Bank robbers are mistaken as trick or treaters in their 40s and invited into stately Addams Manor to partake in some extra spooky Halloween festivities like "Bobbing For Crabs."

Ghost Whisperer Season 2 Episode 6: A Grave Matter - This episode takes place around Halloween. It's not any more Halloweeny than any other episode of the show, but there are pumpkins and shit. David Paymer plays the ghost of a dickhead writer named Godfrey who is annoyed because his body is in the wrong guy's grave and the wife of the wrong guy won't stop weeping at (not) his grave. Long story short, Godfrey was struck by lightning and killed. Wrong guy swaps wallets with dead Godfrey so his wife can collect his life insurance money. I know it's a show, but we're going by wallets to identify corpses now? He still had a head and fingers - he was burned a bit from the lightning, but he wasn't Sergeant Howie burned.

This is such an unbelievably sappy show, but I've always had a thing for Jennifer Love Hewitt, so this show is watchable enough for me once in a while. I find it funny that she's often dressed to show off pretty substantial amounts of cleavage while she's relaying sad messages from these dead people to their mourning loved ones. This is what she wore to a funeral in one episode:

Though, to be fair, this is what the corpse was wearing:

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